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Why advertise on ?

  • A unique TARGET: Top executives of the oil & gas industry, business executives of the industry supply companies, industry - profesionals, engineers, managers and executives, government officials, university research scholars, related industry professionals.

  • The only internet bilingual ( English and Spanish) web site of its kind, a non subscription free service portal web site with real time news, Op-Ed, and information on Latin America Energy, Oil & Gas industry.

  • The best advertising platform in the oil and gas industry to reach of the Latin American energy industry

  • With its own social media comunity in Facebook, Linkedin and Twitters followers

  • Establish a niche market Internet presence

  • Reach your unique market at a very cost effective rate

  • Drive business to your company through effective use of your web site

  • Piggyback on the established credibility and presence of Petroleumworld

  • Increase brand awareness of your product and services

  • Our Traffic:

    The Internet site portal was first on line in January of 1999 and has attracted a monthly audience in 2014 of :

  • Most active month Octubre 2015 : 651,483 requests handled.

  • Monthly average: 531,901 requests handled

  • Most active month Octubre 2014 : 651,483 requests handled

  • For the whole of 2014 we had a Monthly average: 531,901 requests handled.

  • Most active year 2010: 11,928,256 number of requests, 3,866,120 pages sent.

  • 2014: 3,367,707 pages request. Yearly average: 1,861,655 requests handled.

    This data was generated on January 19, 2015 00:00/Report time frame July 10, 2014 23:23 to January 18, 2015 23:59

    Every day 10,000 + people log in for an update on the news and events from the energy, oil and gas sector in Venezuela, Latin America and the World in our two sites.

  • In March 15, 2013, rank 119 top world energy sites and number 4 in the energy news sites. (Top Energy Sites )

  • PW Internet Advertising

    As part of our network of Latam sites we work local news sites:

  • (English)

  • (Spanish)

  • Email list: Since 1999, we have gather emails of readers interested in our information and news and we now have more than 16.000 subscribers interested in receiving information on the Hydrocarbon sector in Latin America.

    ! EXTRA- 2015 special 50% discount in our rates.

    PW Internet Advertising Rates for 2015

    (Rates only apply for clients outside Venezuela, Venezuelan clients,
    please write to, for rates en bolivares)

    We Follow IAB Display Advertising Guidelines / PW World Version ( English)


$ 2,000.00 per month / package (Banners/rotating in home and all pages of the site - 468 x 60 pixels- 3 months- minimum)

Petroleumworld home page has an average of more than 50.000 visitors per month.


$2,500.00 per month (360 x 60 pixels fix banner in home page and every page in petroleumworld- 3 months, minimum )


120 x 90 - $ 500.00 per month (sponsorship- home page - 3 months, minimum)

Petroleumworld home page has an average of more than 50.000 visitors per month.


$ 500.00 per week (An exclusive banner or message in: our daily Petroleumworld News update and Petroleumworld Weekly Review, minimum 4 weeks )

We send 9.000 plus daily emails with our Petroleumworld news update and more than 16.00.0 of our Weekly Review.

Non disclosure clause : Petroleumworld will not sell, lease or otherwise reveal in any manner any email address or any other personal information of any of our subscribers  to our information or persons that come in contact with us.

We are offering as an extra for 2015 a special 50% discount in all our advertising rates, please write to us to get a quote !

Petroleumworld Advertising in local sites:

PW Español :
(news on LATAM - Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Mexico, Peru, Venezuela and others)

Discount of 30 % of the English version rates


. + PW in Spanish

. 460 x 60 rotating banner and 120 x 120 button in home page

. 460 x 60 rotating banner in every page of the site

. Entry as an event or follow that brand in PW's Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin sites

. Weekly mention in our daily headline news entry in PW's Facebook , Twitter and Linkedin sites

. All inclusive in one price, write for a quote to

Also, we can work out a package with a set price for a combination of the sites with a substantial discounts on a package deal tailor made for  the client.

All plans include plenty of lagniappes.. ( ñapas )

- We will publish your company news and press releases

-Statistical monthly report is available with the number of sessions, pages views and clicks, per month of

- Specials discounts:

For more than one subsidiary or affiliated company

Renovations or for more than one year

Place in English and the Spanish version

PW Statistics:


    2.- PW Review Magazine (Time table for 2015, in progress)

    - 1 page Ad space, full color, odd page, circulates in  special industry events

    4 issues per year
    , distribute in the main industry events in OTC -Houston, LAPS, AVPG, Oriente, Maturin/Cumana - Venezuela, TTPC- Trinidad, Bolivia and Peru

    - US$ 5.000 per issue

    See the latest issues of PW Review:



    3.- PW Monthly Analysis Energy Review Newsletter

    (by subscription only - coming soon)

    US$ 5,000.00 per month

    - MORE

  • We can work with you to drive business to your web site.

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