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Advertising rates


$ 20.00 CPM/Impressions (360 x 60 pixels)

CPM (cost per thousand)


$500.00 per month (sponsorship- home page - min.3 months)
$400.00 per month (sponsorship- sections - min.3 months)

Petroleumworld home page has an average of more than 80.000 visitors per month.


$ 100 per year -listed in our business directory (Your company listed in our business directory under a category with the name of your company in the main page, address,telephone number and type of business-products)

$ 450 per year -Technical data page (Technical data page in the business directory with photos and link to the company web site and listed in the directory)


$ 500 per month/ sponsorship package (Banners/rotating + business directory+sections - 468 x 60 pixels- min.3 months/ include business directory)

Petroleumworld home page has an average of more than 80.000 visitors per month.


$ 20.00 CPM (An exclusive banner or message in:
Petroleumworld News update and Petroleumworld Weekly Review )

We send 4.000 plus daily emails with our Petroleumworld news update and more than 9.000 of our Weekly Review.


Also, we can work out a package with a set price for a combination of anything the client may need.

Due to the Venezuelan crisis situation, we decided to keep the same 2002´s ad rates for the year 2003.

  • All plans include plenty of lagniappes...

    - Your page goes in all the sections of the Directory that your company can offer products and services

    - We will publish your company news and press releases

    - Name and link to your page on the Business Directory sections
    of the index page

    - You will know in real time, the information on the number of impressions of your banner, also a monthly report is available with the number of sessions, pages views and clicks, per month of www.petroleumworld.com

    - Specials discounts:

    • for more than one subsidiary or affiliated company

    • Renovations or for more than one year
  • Statistics: Available on request

  • Contact us by e-mail : Petroleumworld@hotmail.com

  • or by phone: 58 412 991 7851/ 58 412 952 5301



Contact Us: :petroleumworldeditor@hotmail.com