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Op-Ed Commentary 2008


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Scott Sullivan :  Gates Must Go!

Scott Sullivan : Obama Must Shun Ahmadinejad, Chavez  and Ortega

Pedro M. Burelli : What goes up must come down: Oil betrays those it empowered

Washington Post :Mr. Chávez tries again

Vakhtang Maisaia :  Russia's New Energy Geopolitics:  Way to Heal Economics or Politics?

John Hall: the OPEC Conference  Oran, Algeria, 17th. December, 2008

Francisco Toro : Chavez after the oil boom

Scott Sullivan: Will Al-Qaeda block Iran in Pakistan

Scott Sullivan: Will Al-Qaeda block Iran in Pakistan?

FP Passport: Chávez running on fumes?

VenEconomy : The consequences of ten years of harassment

Scott Sullivan : Obama and al-Qaeda vs Iran



Randy Woods : Mexico: Now comes the hard part

M K Bhadrakumar : Strange storm brews in South Asia

VenEconomy : All out war

Pedro M. Burelli :  Medvedev  and  "Peter the Great"  in Venezuela:  Some press fallout

David Ignatius : An F for Bush's  Iran policy

VenEconomy :  From one absurdity to the next

Gustavo Coronel: Hugo Chavez's bleak political future

The New York Times : Hugo Chávez's choice

Scott Sullivan: US must favor Syria

Scott Sullivan: Obama's Iraq Crisis


Scott Sullivan:  Gates and Clinton  Help Iran

David Cho /Washington Post: On  Treasury Secretary  Henry M.  Paulson  Jr

Scott Sullivan: Put Richardson at State !

Oliver Campbell : Selection  of participants  for developing  the  Carabobo Area

Scott Sullivan:  Obama must stop Iran


VenEconomy : Stop and think!

VenEconomy :  Three cases worthy of monitoring

 Scott Sullivan :  Obama, Iran, and al-Qaeda

 Scott Sullivan :  Obama becomes Hero on Iraq

Scott Sullivan :  Obama's top priority must be Iraq


Scott Sullivan :  bConservatives must rescue Obama

Thomas L. Friedman:  Finishing our work

Barack Obama 's victory speech

Larry M. Bartels: How  smart is the  American voter? The electorate  as a whole may be wiser and more  rational than any individual.

Scott Sullivan:  Wii Bush Sink Obama in Iraq and Bolivia?

VenEconomy : The abyss


VenEconomy : The abyss

Latin American Advisor  : Can the United States   achieve independence
from Venezuelan oil

Oliver L Campbell :  Why threats  and  counter-threats are not useful

Scott Sullivan: Iran’s December test for Obama

John Mercurio : Is McCain winning  the week?



Catherine Hunter/  Global Insight : OPEC  members veer  towards
phased  cuts  in bid to fine-tune supply balance

Scott Sullivan : How Iran will test Obama

VenEconomy:  A coup against arbitration

Oliver L Campbell : Has PDVSA  abandoned  the concept of Joint Ventures?

Scott Sullivan : Six tests for Senator McCain


Andres Oppenheimer:  Falling oil prices a bad  omen for Chávez

Jose Miguel Vivanco ,  Daniel Wilkinson :  Hugo Chávez Versus  Human Rights

VenEconomy : It's  no laughing matter

Tim Wood : A glimpse  of the future  of Fannie Mae & Freddie Mac

Scott Sullivan : Obama will crush terrorism


PW : the candidates  proposals on energy

VenEconomy :  A portrait of totalitarianism

VenEconomy :The crisis has taken up residence Washington Times :  A choice for Latin America

VenEconomy : In  search of courage lost



VenEconomy :  Unconstitutional law No. 27

VenEconomy :  Wednesday, decision  time

Scott Sullivan :  McCain misfired on security issues

Scott Sullivan :   Bush creates national socialism in the US!

Gustavo Coronel:Why PDVSA CEO should  be made to resign



Gustavo Coronel:Why PDVSA CEO should  be made to resign

Oliver  Campbell : PDVSA Operational  and Financial
Report--1st Semester  2008

Michael Rowan : Deep trouble

Scott Sullivan :  Palin must confront  Evo Morales

The Dallas Morning News:  Trouble lurks in Venezuela

Human Rigths Watch :  A Decade Under Chávez Political intolerance and lost opportunities for advancing Human Rights in Venezuela

Scott Sullivan : Is Abramowitz working for Germany and Iran?

VenEconomy :  The bubbles collapse

VenEconomy : A smokescreen?

Scott Sullivan : McCain and Obama appease Iran



VenEconomy : A country in decline The Times: Oil
on troubled waters

John Hall Associates:  The market is over
supplied with oil - targets to be adhered to !

VenEconomy :  Traveling into the dark

William Safire :  The Maverick Ticket

Barbara Curtis : Sarah Palin can have it all


Barbara Curtis : Sarah Palin can have it all

VenEconomy :  This is no tall tale

Scott Sullivan: McCain Abandons Palin

Scott Sullivan: Palin the next Dick Cheney


VenEconomy: He thought,  “Eliminate property…” and  it was eliminated

VenEconomy:  Justice  left, but when will it be  back?

Rich Duprey :  Venezuela's diva belts out a new tune

VenEconomy:  An insatiable  desire for control

VenEconomy: And  will silence reign?



VenEconomy:  Lifelong President,  a dream come true!

Gustavo Coronel: CEMEX:  The latest  Chavez fiasco

VenEconomy:  Overstepping the bounds of the  Constitution

Juan Cristobal :  Does Cemex Matter?

NYT : Everybody Loses


NYT : Energy Fictions

Michael Fitzsimmons : Oil will only fall so farVenEconomy: Will TSJ  have a flash of sanity?

VenEconomy: Only darkness at the end of the tunnel

Robert Kagan/WP :  Putin makes his move

The Washington Post  :Power Grab

Ruth Marcos/WP: Crude campaigning

VenEconomy: Chronology of a  bank’s demise

Scott Sullivan: Huckabee must  block Iran in Cuba

Carin Zissis: The Uncertain Fate of Pemex

Marla Dickerson/LATimes:  Mexicans ponder oil- industry future

Oliver L Campbell:  Subsidised Fuel Prices in Venezuela

Timothy Egan /NYT: The oil man cometh

VenEconomy: From blackout to blackout

Max Delany: Chavez likely to get weapons, not support

Dan Ariely: Eyes off the price

Mr. Chairman, thank you for the opportunity to appear before this Committee today to address the theme:
“Venezuela: Looking Ahead.”


Richard Goldstone: Catching a war criminal in the act

VenEconomy: A change in direction, but bound for where?

Robert Bryce: The democrats’ no-drill energy plan

Randy Woods :Venezuelan LNG: Really!

Norman Geras: The shielding of political criminals



VenEconomy: Black clouds on the horizon

VenEconomy: A turnabout of 360°

VenEconomy: Precipitating a debacle

VenEconomy: Time to take a stand!

Scott Sullivan: US is surrendering to Iran

Gustavo Coronel: PEMEX: how to produce more oil, more efficiently?

Bush, First and Flynn : A legal case against the OPEC cartel

Alan Benjamin : Confrontation over Mexican oil privatization plan intensifies

VenEconomy: No change

The Economist : Venezuela's economy: A funny way to beat inflation

John Hall: Jeddah Energy Meeting



Gustavo Coronel: In Latin America: Nsocialism of the XXI century is stillborn

VenEconomy: A cuckoo in the nest

VenEconomy: The clamor of the people

Scott Sullivan: Osama is US savior in Iraq

Oliver L Campbell: Will Petrobras Join OPEC?



VenEconomy: More, much more of the same

VenEconomy: A tactical withdrawal

Gail Collins : What Hillary won

VenEconomy: There’s no “co-” to it

Peter Wilson/BW: Lights Out in Venezuela



VenEconomy: A sad spectacle

VenEconomy: SINful absence of the rule of law

Ken Livingstone: A piece of mindless vandalism

VenEconomy: Contraction forewarned

NYT: Colombia’s Chance


VenEconomy: A bottomless pit of illegality

VenEconomy: Venezuela in high esteem

Diane Francis : Oil shock: China and Mexico, not Exxon, stupid

VenEconomy: The worst route

Gustavo Coronel: If the price of a barrel of oil hits $200, will there be war?

Martin Rosenberg/ EnergyBiz : A Movement Is Born

Investor's Business Daily: Mexico's oiling days are numbered

Gustavo Coronel: INTERPOL publishes its FARC report and Chavez calls them “ clowns”

Scott Sullivan: US Must Attack Iran!

VenEconomy: Hot air

VenEconomy: A thorny path

VenEconomy: Sights set on the mines



Opinion L.A.: Scenes from Occidental shareholder meeting

Sarah Knopp : Who will control Mexico's oil?

Carin Zissis : Bolivia's widening gap

Simon Romero : Ecuador’s Leader purges military and moves to expel american base

Global Insight : Biofuels come under attack over rising food prices


The Christian Science Monitor: Untapped oil, overtapped politics

Investors's Business Daily: Hugo's all-too- predictable shortages

VeneEconomy: Unperturbed, he’s walking off with everything


Simon Romero : Ecuador’s Leader purges
military and moves to expel american base

VenEconomy: Destructive shows of bravado

Cobus de Swardt: Transparency International 2008 report on Revenue Transparency of Oil and Gas Companies


VenEconomy: Murky, sovereign maneuverings

Oliver L Campbell: Windfall Tax - The Law on Special Contributions

PW: Some do better than others

What a load of…!

Scott Sullivan: Sadr on the world stage

Lisa Richardson: Chevron takes on the plaintiffs

VenEconomy: A suspicious index

Scott Sullivan: Bush should apologize to Sadr

VenEconomy : The stains of April the 11th

VenEconomy : Tomorrow is too late?

VenEconomy : Scraping the bottom of every barrel

Oliver L Campbell : New Venezuelan tax on the extraordinary profits of oil companies

Lawhawk: Mugabe's Last Stand ?


VenEconomy: Double message

Scott Sullivan: Sadr must imitate Khmer Rouge

E & P : IAPA: Chavez overriding Venezuelan
referendum by anti-Free speech decrees

VenEconomy : Getting desperate

Ed Tubbs : The Democratic ticket is.........


Scott Sullivan: Mao will defeat Iran

Global Insight: Violence in Southern Iraq threatening
oil exports

Scott Sullivan: Clintons must repudiate Nazi ties

VenEcconomy : PDVSA’s wings beginning to be clipped

Gustavo Coronel: State oil ownership in Latin America: The dilemma
of the starving monkey.

Steven Mufson: A crude case for war?

Oliver L Campbell : On Exxon compensation

Pedro Miguel Burelli: Once more on sanctions: It's the facts, stupid!...
CPR not required

Oliver L Campbell: PDVSA’S national contribution is the figure that counts

Scott Sullivan: Hillary plays the race card

Scott Sullivan: Would Hillary negotiate with the PKK?


Pedro M. Burrelli: What do we do now with Mr. Chavez?

VenEconomy: Joining the outlaw club?

Scott Sullivan: Chavez faces defeat in Bolivia

Phil Gunson : Why Colombia will win its contest with Venezuela



Gustavo Coronel: War in the Andes?

VenEconomy: The other front

Pedro M. Burelli: Mr. Chavez's plan A in motion: A truly B &W affair

VenEconomy: A violent truth

Scott Sullivan: McCain appeases Ahmadinedjad on Baghdad


Scott Sullivan: Putin and McCain must stop Iran

Scott Sullivan: McCain must impeach Bush on Iraq

Scott Sullivan: Kurds will sink McCain

Pablo Bachelet : Candidates' Latin America experts a clue to policy

VenEconomy: Lessons in democracy


VenEconomy: Sailing in the sea of happiness

VenEconomy: Desperation, cynicism or ignorance?

VenEconomy : Who’s the traitor

Michael Goldblatt and Daniel Mandel : Gaza's Palestinian civilians are not Israel's responsibility ?


Houston Chronicle : R-e-s-p-e-c-t

Think Tank: Oil policy puts PDVSA under pressure

Oliver L Campbell: ExxonMobil seek more than net book value

Scott Sullivan: McCain and Clinton evade Kosovo accountibility

VenEconomy: Black Thursday


PW: ExxonMobil vs PDVSA

Scott Sullivan: Kosovo/Kurdish crisis collapses McCain and Clinton

The New York Times: Divided they run

VenEconomy: Growth, employment and falsehoods

Scott Sullivan: Clinton, McCain and the Albanians


VenEconomy: One failure after another

Gustavo Coronel: PDVSA: Ramirez versus Ramirez

VenEconomy: It takes two to fight…

VenEconomy: The collapse of PDVSA of all trades

Jeroen van der Veer: Two energy futures


Alvaro Vargas Llosa:Slum Lord

Scott Sullivan: North Korea Letter

Joel Brinkley: Bolivian leader takes a page from Chavez

Scott Sullivan Huckabee, Ortega and Iran

Reynold Benjamin: Grenada must not be bullied



VenEconomy:Identifying with the enemy

The Washington Post: Ally to Kidnappers

Jai Singh : Our oily near-future

Jeremy M. Martin, Roger Tissot: An analysis on Latin America energy


VenEconomy: It’s time for the foreign exchange wolf

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