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Gustavo Coronel : World War III: the Latin American theatre

Gustavo Coronel: Will Hugo Chavez finish his presidential term ?

The Washington Post : Obama the party crasher


Robert Bryce: After Copenhagen, it’s still about physics, math, and money

VenEconomy: 2010: The Year of Opportunities

Scott Sullivan : Michael Steele -- next US president?

Roger Cohen: The inertia option

IBD: Blundering In Brazil 

Veneconomy: King Midas, but in reverse

Gustavo Coronel: Oil shales: still in the future. Shale gas: already in the pipeline.

NYT: This Week in Copenhagen

PW: “We are not joining ALBA nor are we considering it,” - Funes

Gustavo Coronel : The Implosion of Venezuela

Oliver L Campbell : The Abreu y Lima refinery

Sheila Samples: Iran can shut down vital oil route: US navy

Gilles Dorronsoro : Obama's Afghanistan Speech and Strategy


Gilles Dorronsoro : Obama's Afghanistan Speech and Strategy

Scott Sullivan: A solution for Afghanistan

VenEconomy : Democratic Honduras

Christian Science Monitor: Copenhagen's baby step on climate change: More electric cars?

VenEconomy : Bolivarian smarts


The Washington Post: Honduras's democratic solution

Gustavo Coronel : The Latin American political brothel

VenEconomy : A chain reactionof destruction

VenEconomy : PDVSA pushed to the brink of financial ruin

The Miami Herald : Unblock ambassador nomination

Rafael Sandrea: Future offshore/onshore crude oil production capacities



Robert Bryce: The Hype vs. The Numbers

Pedro M. Burelli: Lugar Supports Recognition of Honduran Election

Pedro M. Burelli: Venezuela: The performance of real activity economy continues to deteriorate- GS

Robert Bryce : The New Natural Gas Paradigm: 30,000 Trillion cubic feet (and counting)

VenEconomy : Time for common sense and prudence



Scott Sullivan :Next Steps on Afghanistan

Gustavo Coronel : Pemex, Petrobras and PDVSA: Prejudice, reason and hatred

Richard Heinberg : Just Tell Us The Truth

VenEconomy : Headed for the precipice

SPIEGEL Online: Interview with Lech Walesa

VenEconomy : Buried in junk bonds



International CrisisGroup: Venezuela:Accelerating the Bolivarian Revolution

VenEconomy : “Oversights”that are destroying the country

PW: Hondurans:A deal !

Gustavo Coronel :Heavy Oil Congress moved to Margarita Island. Heavy handat work?

Mac Margolis :Lights! Camera! Revolution!

Scott Sullivan:China rescues Afghanistan

Gustavo Coronel :A Chavez “blitzkrieg” in the hemisphere



NYT : Robert Mugabevs. Zimbabwe

VenEconomy : More hocus-pocus

VenEconomy : And they still haven’t learned!

VenEconomy  :A gas pipedream

Jason Tockman:Multipolar machinations:Chávezendeavors to 'Sow the Oil' with Russia and China

Scott Sullivan: How Obama will co-opt US rightists


PW: The bottom line at Honduras negotiations

Dallas Morning News: Mexico needs bigger oil reforms

George Friedman : Nobel Geopolitics

The New York Times: Wrong advice

Mary A.O'Grady : Hillary's Honduras Obsession



Oliver L Campbell : Will nationalism or pragmatism prevail?

Scott Sullivan: Gates-McChrystal Option perpetual escalation

Jeffrey T. Kuhner: The coming war with Iran Real question is not if, but when

Keith Johnson: Dutch Bank on peak oil

Kenneth R. Timmerman : Big, ominous win for Iran

Scott Sullivan: Obama Trumps Ahmadinejad



Scott Sullivan: Obama Trumps Ahmadinejad

Gwynne Dyer: Zelaya's game

Robert Bryce: America:A world leader in oil exports!

VenEconomy :On the subjectof being doubled-faced

Scott Sullivan : Obama-Osama Axis against Iran



Hot Air: Zelaya the insane

Jackson Diehl: Obama's Summit Flo

Roberto Micheletti : Moving Forwardin Honduras

Oliver L. Campbell : Billions, Commas and Points

The Day : Missile decision strategically sound


Gustavo Coronel: Repsol natural gas findings, Chavez show

Daniel Mandel: The refusal torecognizeAnti-Semitism

VenEconomy:Pearls of gas

VenEconomy:Dictators and Spain

Scott Sullivan: Obama-Right Wing bargain



VenEconomy:Serious accusations

John Hall: OPECmonitors economicactivity and rollsover output targets !

Robert M. Morgenthau:Remarks onIran - Venezuela

Gustavo Coronel : The Ecuador-Texaco trial

Gustavo Coronel : Chevron's Ecuador drama unfolding

VenEconomy :Two news items to think on


VenEconomy :Another stumbling block

VenEconomy :The figures always tell all

Jad Mouawad : After 150 years, whither oil?

Scott Sullivan :How to rescue Obama II


VenEconomy: Blitzrieg

Oliver L Campbell : Carabobo block--stalled negotiations

Steve Connor : Warning: Oil supplies are running out fast

Venezuela - Colombia Relations in Limbo: Will Chávez burn the bridge?

VenEconomy :Sneaky tactics


Pedro M. Burelli : On Honduras the US steps back from the guy with the big hat: Insulza struggles for attention

VenEconomy : Dictatorial offensive

Caracas Gringo : Hugo Chavez’s contrived tantrum



VenEconomy :Living on illusions and killing withdisillusionment

Oliver L Campbell : There is plenty interestin the Orinoco Belt

Scott Sullivan: How to rescue Obama

Scott Sullivan:Does Gates work for Cuba ?



Mary A. O'Grady: Is the U.S. bearingto the left on Honduras ?

Gustavo Coronel: Venezuelan Governorsand Mayors visitWashington

VenEconomy:Coups and countercoups

VenEconomy: An outlaw state?

A conversation with Jose Miguel Inzulsa


A conversation with Jose Miguel Insulza about Honduras

VenEconomy:Three hats, one aberration

VenEconomy:Three hats, one aberration

The Washington Post: Double standards on Latin America

VenEconomy: Using barrels to manipulate

Oliver L Campbell:Delay in assigning Carabobo block to winners




VenEconomy: How far can theybe allowed to go?

VenEconomy:Murky issues

VenEconom:Who violated the constitution?

Stratfor says Ahmadinejad is the good guy

Scott Sullivan :Ahmadinejad is Winston Churchill

Scott Sullivan :Rafsanjani Extradition imminent?


Roland S. Martin :U.S. should leave Iran alone

Thomas L. Friedman : The Green Revolution(s)

Scott Sulivan : How Ahmadinejadcan save Iran

The Economist:Venezuela's oil-dependenteconomy:Socialismon the never-never

Thomas L. Friedman : Bullets and Barrels

VenEconomy:Obsolete and privateer-like



VenEconomy:Obsolete and privateer-like

PW: Venezuelan oil assets expropiation,compensation and arbitration

Pedro M. Burelli : Setting the record straight

Scott Sullivan :Is Mousavi Adolph Hitler

K.Ballen and P. Doherty :The Iranian People Speak

Oliver L Campbell :PDVSA: FinancialResults for Year 2008


Oliver L Campbell :PDVSA: FinancialResults for Year 2008

Scott Sullivan : Ahmadinejad's Nightmare: Gates is Out!

Shirin Ebadi : Iran's human rights test

  VenEconomy : Hot air and lies

  VenEconomy : The last nails in the coffin

Scott Sullivan:Did Cuban spiesshape Rumsfeld-Castro deal on gitmo?


The New York Times: Mr. Obama, Cuba and the O.A.S.

VenEconomy : Symptomatology of a debacle

Mary Anastasia O'Grady:Chávez's cash crunch

Scott Sullivan : President Pelosi'santi-German plan

The Washington Post : Freedom on the Defensive



Oliver L Campbell: Auction of Caraboboblocks delayed

Scott Sullivan: Obama must supportNorth Korea (bis)

Oliver L. Campbell : The winds of change

Scott Sullivan :Pelosi can resolveGuantanamo

VenEconomy : Figure sleuth puzzle


VenEconomy : Figure sleuth puzzle

Scott Sullivan : Israel joins Iran-US axis

Gustavo Coronel: Ten Ways Hugo Chavez hurts the U.S.

Scott Sullivan : Pelosi escalates against Gates

Gerson Lehrman Group Contributor: Venezuela - Another step on the road to ruin

IHS Global Insight: OPEC appetite for cuts diminishes


IHS Global Insight:OPEC appetite forcuts diminishes

VenEconomy : Sequelae of arevolutionary robbery

Chattanooga TimesFree Press :Costly energy agenda

Gustavo Coronel: Venezuela :hot spot in the Caribbean

Oliver L. Campbell : When can we see PDVSA'S 2008 accounts?

Scott Sullivan :Russia rescues Iraq

VenEconomy : Digging a gravefor PDVSA

Oliver L Campbell:PDVSA has started on Plan B

VenEconomy : May 1 this year: setbacks and challenges

The Washington Post : Courting Mr. Chávez



Oliver L Campbell: Three oil majors report a drop in earnings as expected

VenEconomy: Giving free reinto the lack of legal certainty

VenEconomy: Crucialtarget:Organized labor

Tranding Markets :Boom and bust for Spain's subsidizedsolar industry

Gustavo Coronel:Ecuador and Chevron:Where is the truth

Scott Sulivan: Israel must assail Iran-US Axis



Scott Sulivan: Israelmust assail Iran-US Axis

The Manual of Ideas : Harvest smiles as Chavez wants tobe our friend

VenEconomy : He who does not sow does not reap

PW : An audacious Obama

Jim Wooten : U.S. flagged ship. So what?

PW: Exxon-Conoco:Emotional or rational ?

Thomas D. Elias:LNG promoters should forget about California

Scott Sullivan: Obama must support North Korea

Scott Sullivan:Russia must gain Baduel's Freedom



PW: Senator's Lugar stand on Cuba

Scott Sullivan:Germany's blitzkrieg on Obama

E.J. Dionne Jr. : Not capitalist, not socialist

VenEconomy: In Venezuela, nobody is safe from Chávez

Gustavo Coronel : The OAS and Cuba :will pragmatism trump principles?


Scott Sullivan:  Will Obama imitate Morales or Mugabe?

FT Trading Desk :  OPEC cuts :  Impact is elusive - Scotia Capital

Gustavo Coronel:  OPEC's Abadlla  Salem El Badri: from singing to crying

John Hall: The 152nd.  Meeting of the  OPEC Conference Vienna,
Austria, 15th. March, 2009

Scott Sullivan : US vs. Israel in Iraq

Evo Morales Ayma: Let me chew my coca leaves


Scott Sullivan: US and al-Qaeda  to unite against Kurds

VenEconomy : A lawless country

The Washington Post: Mountain of trouble

Paul Harper : Venezuela: Chavez's control of oil and  agriculture

Oliver L Campbell :  OPEC makes a case for higher oil prices

VenEconomy :  Blitzkrieg Chávez style




VenEconomy :  Blitzkrieg Chávez style


Scott Sullivan :Limbaugh must dump Nazis

VenEconomy : Institutionalizing fear

Scott Sullivan : Gates Holbrooke blunder on Iraq,  Afghanistan

PW: CERAWEEK 09 :“Doom and gloom”

Kevin Hechtkopf :
 Obama on energy

Michael Kanellos :Tar Sands: How muchis out there and cannuclear help?

Scott Sullivan:
How Merkel canstop Ahmadinejad

Jonathan Stibb : Lithium: Bolivia's dangerous prize


Scott Sullivan:   How Merkel can  stop Ahmadinejad

Ed Lasky : Is a Venezuelan diplomat  promoting antisemitism?

VenEconomy: Coming down to earth

Michael Pascoe :  Why we need higher oil prices

Caracas Gringo: Chavez forever…

Scott Sullivan: Why Ahmadinejad is Finished



Scott Sullivan:Obama's victory in Iraq

Gustavo Coronel: AFP: What kind ofreporting is this?

Oxford Analytica :Oil concerns test Venezuela's economy

Scott Sullivan:Iran needs a Hitler

Scott Sullivan:Obama will crush Iran!

Scott Sullivan:Obama must oppose Kurdistan and Kashmir




Bob van der Valk : Back to the future for U.S. oil refiners

Oliver L Campbell :   Are high oil prices  necessary to fund new investment?

VenEconomy:  The remedy for  fear: resistance

VenEconomy:  A decade of  ignominy and  destruction

Scott Sullivan:  Blagojevich as CIA Director?


Scott Sullivan:  Gates retreats  before Iran

Pedro M. Burelli :  Reuters' grand  debate: First 100 days: Obama and Chavez

VenEconomy:  Destroying everything in  its path

Gustavo Coronel: Can an old couple in Wyoming bring OPEC to its knees?

Scott Sullivan:  Clinton confronts   Gates on Iran



Scott Sullivan:  Hamas must take  Obama's Freedom Train

Scott Sullivan:  Obama confronts Chavez

NYT : Energy Inefficient

Investors' Business Daily  :Hugo crawls  back

Paul Ausick : The World Of  Oil Prices: Iran, Hamas, and Israel: Who Benefits?



Paul Ausick : The World Of  Oil Prices: Iran, Hamas, and Israel: Who Benefits?

VenEconomy: 7 hours 30 minutes

VenEconomy: Riddled with violations

Mary A. O'Grady : Dictatorship for  Dummies

Scott Sullivan : Panetta will  purge the CIA 

John Shahabian: U.S. should tax  oil instead of letting OPEC do it

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