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Raul Gallegos : Five crazy steps to winning a venezuelan election

Raul Gallegos : Brazil stumbles through a vital oil auction

Gustavo Coronel : PW with big leaguers of The U.S. Energy Security Council

Gustavo Coronel : Correa and oil

VenEconomy: Venezuelan authorities dance to the rhythm of Narcs


Setty' Notebook : Who protects reputation for the Bolibourgeoisie?

Raul Gallegos: 75 years later, is Mexico ready for energy reform?


Gustavo Coronel : Venezuela’s energy equation: present and outlook

: Mexico's obsolete oil nationalism

VenEconomy: Parallel tracks against corruption in Venezuela

Oliver L Campbell: The reason behind PDVSA's arm twisting


The Washington Post :A ‘hard hand’ in Venezuela

VenEconomy: Is Venezuela out of control?

Oliver L Campbell : Climate Change

Washington Post: Nicolas Maduro shoves aside democracy in Venezuela

VenEconomy : Game changer

Pedro M. Burelli: Venezuelaelections: Candidates' gap narrowing dramatically

liver L Campbell :
Three mistakes that PDVSA should rectify


Anthony T. Bryan : Will Petrocaribe survive ?

Pedro Mario Burelli : Venezuela to probe Chavez cancer poisoning accusation

Gustavo Coronel : Jimmy Carter’s statement on Hugo Chavez

Pedro Mario Burelli : Hugo Chávez is dead, "Here be dragons"

Chavez : 1954 - 2013


Oliver L Campbell : ExxonMobil, Royal Dutch Shell and BP Year 2012 Financial Results (Unaudited)

Raul Gallegos : Venezuela: false hope, investors may exit

David Rothkopf: President Hillary Clinton? If she wants it

Francisco Monaldi: The economic reality facing Nicolás Maduro

Matt Smith : Venezuela, oil and Chavez: a tangled tale

Gustavo Coronel : Chevron Ecuador Saga

Miguel Octavio: Venezuela: possible scenarios for the country going forward

Margaret Carlson: Hillary Clinton’s latest farewell tour



Robert Campbell: US won't eclipse Saudis without free crude trade-Campbell

Emily Miller:   Romney beats Obama… on the economy

Al Hunt: Bill Clinton is already a sure election-day winner

Gustavo Coronel : Venezuela 2012: mediocrity and fear are the signs of the times


VenEconomy: The vote was for Venezuela

Gustavo Coronel : Venezuela :The road less traveled

Benedict Mander : PDVSA: bad luck or bad management?

Maria Gabriela Madrid : An open wound

Robert Campbell : Why Atlantic basin oil refiners won't boost output

Diego J. González Cruz :  The safety situation inside PDVSA 


The Washington Post :Venezuela  on fire

Tim Padgett :  Venezuela's PDVSA  refinery explosion:  will it affect Chávez's re-election  chances?

Robert Campbell :  PDVSA Amuay,  Isaac ambush  complacent oil market

Oliver L Campbell : Brazil loses attraction for foreign oil companies

Robert Campbell : Tesoro doubles  down on tricky  Calif. oil market

Robert Campbell :  Petrobras cash burn  shows "Pemexification"  at work


Oliver L Campbell : A bolt from  the blue at the 2012 olympics

Robert Campbell : Petrobras cash burn shows "Pemexification"  at work

Robert Campbell : Oil market balance  emboldens Iran's opponents

Gustavo Coronel:  The Aban Pearl, the proof

Robert Campbell : How Brent's  narrow basis fueled the oil rally


Robert Campbell : Petrobras admitseverything broken but the model

Oliver L Campbell  : PDVSA is  not bankrupt but short of funds

Oliver L Campbell :  Shale gas production

Raul Gallegos :  A post-Chavez Venezuela  is no  investment bonanza


Oliver L Campbell :  Accumulated Losses of PEMEX

Oliver L Campbell : Mexico: the price of nationalism

The Post's View :  Chavez's mysterious  ailment fuels a run  on Venezuelan stocks

Oliver L Campbell : Financial Results  ExxonMobil, Royal  Dutch Shell and BP


VenEconomy :  Crude gaps

Robert Campbell : YPF grab  won't fix Argentina's energy woes

Pedro M. Burelli : On "The Pope’s historic visit to Cuba

"Ken Blackwell :Brazil's attack on Chevron is a dangerous error

VenEconomy : PDVSA: Blacker,  impossible!

The Barrel :Those who observed it talk about the  trends at CERAWeek

VenEconomy : PDVSA- A murky deal that raises some questions


NYT : Iran,Israel and the United States

Palash R. Ghosh/IBTimes : Venezuela awash in oil, but riddled with corruption, inefficiency - Federico Barriga -The Economist

Intelligence Unit
Gustavo Coronel: PDVSA : Proved oil and gas reserves, redefined

VenEconomy: The footprints being left by PDVSA's oil spill disaster

PW: FT's question PDVSA's ability to delive

Andrew MacKillop :Where is $130 Oil?


Veneconomy: The worst of three worlds

David Roberts : Keystone XL's organizing principle

Joe Oliver : Canada: A global energy superpower

VenEconomy: PDVSA's parade continues



Oliver L Campbell : Arbitration Award Mobil versus PDVSA (II)

Noel Maurer : Old evil vendepatria PDVSA saves new socialist PDVSA!

Petroleumworld: The Devil's Excrement on ExxonMobil vs PDVSA's arbitration

Oliver L Campbell : Arbitration award to ExxonMobil

Ashim Midha : 2012: Iran and the oil markets

Oliver L Campbell : PDVSA'S financial results for Jan/Jun 2011




Gustavo Coronel : PDVSA Ponzi scheme & financial collapse

Gustavo Coronel : Fishy Fitch...

Oliver L Campbell : A Tribute to Edmundo Ros and Baruj Benacerraf

VenEconomy: The chaos is there for all to see

Gustavo Coronel: Hugo Chavez: The Venezuelan anti-Midas



Oliver L Campbell : Brazilian oil assets: reorientation or offloading?

Pedro M. Burelli : Hugo Chávez. Life expectancy: two years

Gustavo Coronel: Venezuela's Chavez a chinese puppet in Latam?

John C.K. Daly : Oil diplomacy to the rescue?

Robert Campbell : The strange case of Pemex and Repsol

VenEconomy : Readings on the Venezuela's election calendar

Scott Sullivan : "US-Terrorism Detente"

Scott Sullivan : Disconcerting Cheney

Scott Sullivan : Obama should rescue Gadaff

Scott Sullivan : How to save Libya

Gustavo Coronel : PDVSA keeps losing systematically

Scott Sullivan : President Obama:Confront Pakistan


Peter C Glover : Iran's army chief: next OPEC president?

Scott Sullivan : Obama and the Tea Party --a great leap forward!

Oliver L Campbell : PDVSA'S Financial Results for 2010

Scott Sullivan : Bush-Clinton negotiations on debt/last sentence


PW : Norway's love Oliver L Campbell : PDVSA'S results for 2010 still not published

The Economist : If Hugo goes

Bloomberg View: Obama Shows that ignoring a Chavez- like dictator is best

Tim Padgett/TIME:With Hugo Chávez hospitalized,
Venezuela frets about the future

Scott Sulivan: Obama's five steps to global security


Gustavo Coronel: PDVSA Board of directors should be criminally prosecuted

Liz Harper : Time to talk about Venezuela

W. F. Shughart : Obama's schizo energy policy

Scott Sulllivan: Obama can co-opt al-Qaeda

VenEconomy : On the brink of an abyss

Scott Sulllivan: Leon Panetta and the Teamsters

Gustavo Coronel: Venezuela's latest half-billion dollar scandal


PW : Canada vs Venezuela

Scott Sulllivan: Obama needs Abraham Lincoln Brigade

VenEconomy: The yardstick of destruction

Diego Arria: Makled must be tried in the United States

Diego Arria: A letter to Juan M. Santos over drug criminal Walid Makled

Scott Sullivan : Sudan no-fly Zone?

Veneconomy : PDVSA 2010 financial report:

Travels through a desolate fantasy land


Diego Arria: A letter to Juan M. Santos over drug criminal Walid Makled

Scott Sullivan : Sudan no-fly Zone?

Veneconomy : PDVSA 2010 financial report: Travels through a
desolate fantasy land

Dominique Moisi : Sazkozy goes to war

The Washington Times : \Obama's illegal war

NYT: Early questions after Japan

Nicolas Pelham : The Battle for Libya

Andrew McKillop : Oil prices and the japanese disaster: the herd got it wrong

Otto J. Reich : Qaddafi, Chávez, & Co.

Scott Sullivan: Will NeoCons partition Libya?

The Washington Times: Obama's Gadhafi waffle

The Washington Times: Obama's Gadhafi waffle

VenEconomy: Lies, damn lies and statistics

PW: Chávez backs Gaddafi ?

Josh Shahryar: Chavez caught red-handed sending gasoline to Iran

VenEconomy : Becoming more mature?

VenEconomy : Prophecies or lies?

Scott Sullivan : China and Colombia vs. Chavez

Gustavo Coronel : The Venezuelan state of the nation in February 2011

VenEconomy : PDVSA unbelievable borrowing!

The Egyptians and the Americans

Gustavo Coronel : Challenging Oliver Campbell on Venezuela's oil reserves

Scott Sullivan : Does Haiti need the Khmer Rouge?

Gustavo Coronel : Venezuelan liars

Scott Sullivan : Loughner is an anti-war leftist

Oliver L Campbell : The Bandagro bonds saga

PW: Venezuela's oil reserves

VenEconomy : Breaking its own record of incompetence

Scott Sullivan : Obama must drop Holbrooke's Pakistan plan in Veracruz



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