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Bad to worse

The news from the reactor problems in Japan seems only to get worse, not better, with the workers briefly earlier today forced to abandon the stricken reactors as the radiation levels leaped higher for a short period. The crews involved have already been reduced from several hundred to a bit more than 50 and clearly those men are exhausted from days of labour. As soon, however, as the radiation levels subsided, the crews returned to their efforts to cool the stricken reactors by continually dousing the reactors with what water they can muster. At times it does appear that the various cores in the three reactors involved in the problems were “exposed,” and in one or two instances it does appear that the cores have been and continue to be exposed to the air.

At this point we need to emphasis that there are no further reactions taking place in the reactors. The usual day-today reactions that are at the centre of these “boiling water reactors” ended within hours of the earthquake last Friday.

However because of the quakes and because the fissile materials were brought into too-close proximity one to the other, there has been some “core” melting… but there are no reactions and certainly there is absolutely no chance that there shall be a nuclear explosion. That simply shall not and cannot happen for there is insufficient fissile material to allow for this sort of holocaust, and ever if there was sufficient fissile material available, it is
insufficiently refined to create a nuclear chain reaction that would become a fully fledged nuclear explosion, no matter what the US media would have us believe

[Ed. Note: we suggest that our clients drop any and all coverage of the situation in Japan as reported by the US media, and especially by CNN, for the coverage has been nothing short of “yellow” journalism in most instances, hyping the worst circumstances and doing much to keep the world on edge. The BBC’s coverage, that of the CBC in Canada and even al-Jazerra's
have been better than what CNN continually reports.].


-Dennis Gartman/ The Gartman Letter / 03/16/ 2011

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