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Gustavo Coronel: Misleading informationby PDVSA

UNF Studends :Time toget engaged in overlookedLatin America

Andres Oppenheimer:U.S. is down, but not out, in Latin America

Gustavo Coronel: Economic, social and political crisishit three petrostates

Rodrigo Orihuela :Will the left last?

ANCAP: Ronda Uruguay Bid was launched in Montevideo

IHS Global Insight : Licensing round disappointment in Algeria tobereversed by aggressive projects launch

Oliver L Campbell :  Will postponed investment push peak oil forward?

Ambrose Evans -Pritchard :  Ecuador default: Fears grow that others will follow

John C.K. Daly:  Gazprom uses Brazil to enter Latin American market

Jorge"Tuto" Quiroga :  Memo to Obama

John A. Bewic: Wanted: energy experience



John A. Bewic:  Wanted: energy experience

Tim Stevenson :  Did peak oil go away? No

Ray Walser : Russians in  Caracas, misrule in Managua

Scott Sullivan :   Obama must fire  Robert Gates!


Scott Sullivan:  Congress must  query Gates on  Pakistan terrorism

Ben Lieberman : Time to thank the oil companies?

Roger Tissot: The end of Chavez?

PMB on NYTs' Simon Romero :Once  considered invincible, Chávez takes a blow

NYTs' Simon Romero : Venezuelan Opposition Gains in Vote


Oliver L Campbell : Taking care of our planet

IHS Global Insight :  Hijacking of Saudi supertanker likely to
affect gulf crude transport economics

Barry Blacklock : Looking at Latam oil and gas industry

Miguel Octavio/LAHT : Venezuela's real  oil  revenue could fall to
under $30 billion in 2009

Jasmina Kelemen :  Brazil welcoming Big Oil to its party


Gustavo Coronel : Chavez is  surrendering  Venezuela into Russian

John Kiriakou : Iran's Latin  America push

Lisa Zeng Sommer  and M.J. Economides : The birth of SinoAmerican
energy competition

IHS Global Insight : Pakistan government  opts for privatisation  of Qadirpur gas field  as strikes loom

Oliver L Campbell :  PDVSA'S Operational and Financial Reporting

Gustavo Coronel*:  Security briefing to U.S. Congress
staff on Venezuela

Gustavo Coronel*:  Security briefing to U.S. Congress  staff on Venezuela

Pedro Miguel Burelli: A masterfully run Presidential campaign

Thomas Grieder/Global  Insight :ExxonMobil record net profits for Q3

Samuel Ciszuk/ Global Insight : Khalid al-Falih to become new
CEO of Saudi Aramco

Oliver L Campbell :  Peak oil production  again on hold

John Gray :  Market melt down:  A new world emerges


John Gray :  Market melt down:  A new world emerges

Hazel Henderson :  An we all thought that banks had money

George Baker : A preliminary  assessment of  Mexico's energy reforms

Oxford Analytica:  Oil price  may hit PetroCaribe prospects

John Hall: The 150th. (Extraordinary) Meeting of the OPEC Conference
Vienna, Austria, 24th. October, 2008


Mariella Chilmaza:  Peru : Economy  and Corruption

DEBKA file : Would Obama come to  terms with Iran as
a nuclear power?

Sara Miller Llana :  Falling oil prices dent Hugo Chávez's

Gabriel Calabrese: Iran's strategic gamble

Gustavo Coronel : The Venezuelan oil  & political situations tie-in closely 


Pat Murphy: Amazon defense coalition crude - deception Texaco
Ecuador memo

Alastair Gee: How Russia is trying to regain influence in Latin America

EMichael J. Economides :  Big oil's big profits–for now

Randy Woods: Venezuela closes ranks with Russia, makes nice with Spain

tephen Kangal : Why is T&T not talking to the Venezuelans


William Pentland :  Could the credit crunch kill green energy?

Justin Raimondo: Have no illusions about Obama

The Economist : Preventing nuclear trafficking is easier than policing it

Seth Kaplan : Boiling point in Bolivia

Anna Arutunyan : Latin America's rising star



Scott Sullivan : Bush betrays US troops  in Iraq

Ray McGovern :   To Joe Biden: time for confession

Pedro M. Burelli :  Russia and Venezuela:From  a trompel'oeil relationship to a Trump all affair?

Ellen Barry :Russia flexes muscles in oil  deal with Chávez


Examiner :   Chavez to sell  China oil currently going to| US

Thomson: Mexico on the brink?

Simon Wardell / Global Insight :  Oil prices recover earlier losses

PW:  The roll a  coaster is here

Gustavo Coronel: The violations of human rights in PDVSA: The HRW Report


Simon Romero: HRW report  accuses Chávez of abusing rights

Pedro M. Burelli: Op Ed: Bernd Debusmann: "The Russian bear in America's backyard"

Pedro M. Burelli: Venezuela, Bolivia and  Burma flunk - again - US test on fight against drugs

Ray Walser : Chávez, Venezuela, and Russia: A New Cuban Missile Crisis?

Gustavo Coronel : An excellent conference on Latin America in Washington DC


Samuel Ciszuk/ Global  Insight : Chevron secures Saudi Extension to long- term neutral zone oil  concession

OPEC: 149th meeting  of the OPEC conference

Samuel Ciszuk/ Global Insight : Iraq: Shell's   gas deal to be signed  within month,  CNPC must launch oilfield work  within two months

Samuel Ciszuk/Global Insight : Shell's South Iraq gas initiative cleared
by government; floating  liquefaction eyed

Catherine Hunter / Global Insight :"Red Lines"  sketched ahead of OPEC
meeting; Saudi Arabia under pressure to make cuts


PW: McCain's maverick decision   

Andrew Neff/ Global Insight : BP confirms deal
with Russian shareholders to end TNK-BP dispute

Robert D. Novak : McCain comes through

Latin America Advisor :  Brazil: new oil company ?


Samuel Ciszuk/ Global Insight : CNPC strikes US$3-bil.  Oilfield deal
with Iraq , reviving old  deal under new term

Andrew Neff/ Global  Insight :War leaves Russia with veto power ovr Georgian energy

M. Hier, A. Cooper   and H. Brackman: Be Our Guest: The big,  bad bully in our backyard

Peter McKenzie-Brown : Chávez's New World Order ?

Scott Sullivan: Biden must attack Clinton





Ted Cordova-Claure:  A proxy war in the backyard of the US

R. Fernandes:  Latin America NGVs: An update report

Óscar Arias Sánchez :  Latin America needs  better than a wall

Catherine Hunter / Global Insight : OPEC puts out  cautionary feelers ahead  of September meeting

Samuel Ciszuk /  Global Insight : Middle East energy  briefing


Mikheil Saakashvili : Russia's war is the west's challenge

Patrick J. McDonnell : Rival camps in Bolivia both see victory

Lawrence Poole /  Global Insight :  Oil prices fall on U.S.
crude oil inventories build

Mary Anastasia O'Grady : Chávez Sees Cuba as a  Model.

Scott Sullivan: US Jews  must favor Huckabee  over Lieberman

Lawrence Poole/Global| Insight : Chevron Announces US$6 bil.
in Q2 Profits 

Oliver L CampbellRich Pickens in the  Great Plains

Matthew Hall/Global Insight:  EDF, Centrica firm up
takeover bid for British  Energy

Ariel Cohen and Ray Walsher: The Russia- Venezuela axis : Using  energy for geopolitical advantage

Federico Fuentes :  Tensions and  uncertainties in Bolivia

Gustavo Coronel: The Venezuela of Hugo  Chavez according to Petkoff


Andrew Neff/ Global Insight : BP gambles TNK-BP in ongoing dispute

Robert Bryce : The democrats’ no-drill energy plan

Ariel Cohen and Ray Walser: Russia-Venezuela axis uses energy as weapon

Roy S. Carson : Perhaps it is there that Chavez and his closest theorists
in the administration have lost the plot

Oliver L Campbell : PDVSA: A new conglomerate


Hazel Henderson: Closer look at oil speculators

Andrew Neff/Global Insight: Gazprom eyes increased spending in 2008 to bring Greenfields onstream

Mary Anastasia O'Grady: The fed to Latin America: Slow down

Gustavo Coronel: Chavez denounces ExxonMobil for “stealing our oil and gas”

Michael Fox: Horreur Nucléaire vs. Wind Power Now


Samuel Ciszuk/Global Insight: Total abandons pursuit of Pars LNG project in Iran

Carlos Sabino: Venezuela: Trouble ahead

S. Ciszuk/Global Insight: Iraqi oil law unity in doubt

Robert Bryce: The democrats: Offbase on offshore

Oliver L Campbell: Comments on article by three US lawyers

Mira Oberman : Texas oilmen hope this boom won't bust them

19th WPC : "the Olympics of Oil"

William L. Anderson: The oil follies

Global Insight: Oil prices rise as Saudi comments over output fail to reassure

IBD : Hugo Of Hezbolla



Global Insight: Iran criticises unilateral Saudi crude production hike; OPEC unity at stake?

Mira Oberman: Even Texan oilmen think energy supplies have to be diversified

Jon Lee Anderson : Fidel’s Heir

Paul Craig Roberts : Elect Obama or fall into tyranny

Gustavo Coronel: Venezuela: from a society of cowards to a nation of decent citizens


Nick Grono: The International Criminal Court: Success or

The Devil's Excrement: Chavez truly bizarre

Crisis Group: China's thirst for oil

C. Stephen Allred: Ignoring energy resources ignores
energy security

Oliver L Campbell : Difficult decisions to reduce oil prices


Katherine L. Johnson : Venezuela: A high-risk relationship?

Stephen Collinson/AFP: End of the Clinton era, or is it?

Scott Sullivan: Frank Gaffney was wrong on Hugo Chavez

Simon Romero: Chávez decree tightens hold on Intelligence

Vidya Ram: India's oil dilemma



The Economist: The FARC files

Malik Sekou: Virgin Islands must tackle the energy crisis

Mike Shedlock : Rising crude oil price brings out nut case energy crisis solutions

Alan Caruba : Mexico soon to be a bigger problem


William Gamble : End of high oil prices

Allan Wall : Obstacles and opportunities in Mexico’s Pemex debat

Tim Padgett /Time: The US Dilemma Over Chavez

Juan Forero: Venezuela offered aid to Colombian rebels

Daniel Mandel : Iran, Al Queda, & liberal denial

Crisis Group:Colombia: Making military progress pay off

Scott Sullivan: How to defeat Evo Morales


Simon Romero : Ecuador’s Leader purges
military and moves to expel american base

Global Insight : Biofuels come under attack over
rising food prices

Oliver L Campbell: BITs and pieces

Macleod Dixon, S.C.: The Law on Special Contributions over
Extraordinary Prices of the International Hydrocarbons Market

Andrés Soliz Rada: Bolivia: indigenous people and mestizos

Venezuela: Law on the Special Contribution on Extraordinary Prices
in the International Hydrocarbons Market

Jeremy Martin and Roger Tissot: Mexico: A light energy reform?

Mateo Samper and Nicole Spencer : The politics of energy reform

Gustavo Coronel:To the James Baker III Institute for Public policy, Rice University

Kelpie Wilson: Dance of the oil fairies

Condoleezza Rice : The Colombia Trade Stakes

Global Insight : PetroFalcon to acquire Anadarko's assets in Venezuela

Allan Wall: Players in Mexico’s mounting oil & energy reform debate

PW: Chevron's fight back

Global Insight : Gazprom, Eni eye upstream project co-operation in Libya

Global Insight : Russian oil tax cuts

Earl Ofari Hutchinson : Ten troubling questions I asked Obama to
answer before McCain asks them

Hugh O'Shaughnessy: Britain's relations with Latin America

Simon Romero: Did Venezuela try to arm rebels?



Eric Le Boucher : Triple shock to the global economy

Daniel Mandel: A tale of two archbishops

Martin Payne : Mexican oil exports: start saying adios!

CEPR responds to Francisco Rodriguez in Foreign Affairs on Venezuela

Rory Carroll : Court backs Chávez in row with oil giant


Scott Sullivan: Hillary plays the race card

Oliver L Campbell: PDVSA’S national contribution is the figure that counts -18

M. Rozental and J.Podur:Bolivia on the brink


Oliver L Campbell : Windfall profit

Global Insight : MENA Oil reserves grow by 11% in 2003-08

Jeremy M. Martin : A war averted?
War in the Andes has been averted

Don G. Briggs : Gulf is attractive in wake of 'resource nationalism'

Lidice Valenzuela: Mexico: seventy years since oil expropriation

Oliver L Campbell: Tupi, or not Tupi, that is the question

John Hall : Analysis: The 148th OPEC conference

The Wall Street Journal : Chavez's 'war' drums

Tim Padgett/Time: Why Chavez's border threat is empty

Oliver L Campbell: International arbitration arises from the growth in international trade


Don G. Briggs : Gulf is attractive in wake of 'resource nationalism'

Carlos Luken: What’s next for Mexico, advancement or a slippier slope?

Allan Wall: Pemex, |must be modernized

Global Insight: IAEA report provides only partial Iran acquittal

Global Insight: Tightened Iran sanctions


Carlos Macias: Deepwater Troubles

Scott Sullivan: McCain lacks victory plan for Iraq

Reuel Marc Gerecht: Iraq's Jihad Myths

The Economist: Venezuela politics: Sabre-rattling


Jeroen van der Veer : Two Energy Futures

Global Insight : Russia- Ukraine Gas debt deal, will agreement hold?

Scott Sullivan: McCain's failed plan in Kosovo

Thor Halvorssen: Venezuela's charades

The Sunday Times : The truth about European Union election observers in Venezuela

Scott Sullivan: Huckabee will crush McCain

Global Insight : ExxonMobil, Chevron post record 2007 earnings

John Hall : OPEC: replay ? market is well supplied with oil!

Daniel Mandel : Unserious About Syria

Diego Arria: Hold Chavez accountable for fueling narco-terrorism


John Fitzpatrick:Brazil's politicians set to cash in on oil and gas discoveries

Samuel Ciszuk / Global Insight : First major Kuwaiti gas project delayed again

Scott Sullivan : How Obama can fix Kosovo and Iraq

Galina Ivanova : Opposition to Georgian election results

Ben Smith and Carrie Budoff Brown : Obama's big win keeps his hopes alive


S.A. Rehman : A proposal to resolve Kashmir dispute

Monte Reel : South America's Constitutional Battle

James M. Roberts : Citgo and Joseph P. Kennedy: Hugo Chavez’s
Agents of Influence

Gustavo Coronel: PDVSA’s oil production is down but the company
milk imports are up!

Joel Brinkley: Bolivian president picks poor role model in Chavez


G.Shultz, W.Perry, H.Kissinger, S.Nunn: Toward a Nuclear-Free

Scott Sullivan: Turkey must confront Bush in Iraq

Scott Sullivan: Turkey must confront Bush in Iraq

Thomas B. Edsall: Michigan results reveal some dangerous trends for Clinton

Alexander P. De Filippi: The presidential race, my take

Simon Romero & Alexei Barrionuevo: Suitcase of cash tangles U.S. and 2 latin nations in intrigue


Scott Sullivan: Bush's surprise visit to Iran?

Scott Sullivan: Huckabee, Obama and Mao

Oliver L Campbell: Royal Dutch Shell aims to cut costs

Oliver L Campbell: Petrobras loses interest in Orinoco belt
joint venture

Global Insight : Bolivia expects US$1.5 bil. in investment in gas
sector in 2008




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