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Pedro M. Burelli : Honduras' 11th hour !! & Zelaya's final hour ?

IHS Global Insight: Restructuring increases BP's efficiency

VenEconomy : The coup de grâce



COHA: Mexico: An oil nation in crisis

Barbara Slavin: Domestic woes spur Iran's consent |to nuke dealI

HS Global Insight : Iraq's gas export plans

Lester Brown:How to mobilizeto save civilization

Olga Lopez: Mexico: Privatizers attack national energetics


IHS Global Insight :Developments in Iran'sPars LNG project

IHS Global Insight : DNO's Suspension Lifted, Exports Uncertain in IraqiKurdistan 

PW : PDVSAcan not longer manage

Alan von Altendorf: Petrobras: more transparency would be nicec

Scott Sullivan :Obamawill Trump Brazil's Lula on Communism



Jeremy Martin : Land issue skirtsthe heart of thePemex refinery issue

Gustavo Coronel :A discouraging prediction about Chavez’s Venezuela

Roberto Michelleti:The path forward for Honduras


Sara A. Carter : Ousted Honduranleader accused of theft

Terry Savage:Why tax cuts work

Oliver L Campbell: PDVSA and InternationalArbitration

bal Insight: Iraq's Northernfields and bidding round

Larry Birns and AriannaGrody: Honduras could be limpimg towards its Gotterdammerung


Edward Schumacher-Matos : A Dose of Realism in Honduras

Scott Sullivan :US Neocons/TrotskyitesMobilize against Ahmadinejad


IHS Global : On Sinopec's offer for Addax Petroleum

Carin Zissis : Interview:Petrobras CEO José Gabrielli on Brazil's energy outlook

Juan Cole :ChathamHouse study definitivelyshows massive ballotfraud in Iran's reported results

COHA: Murder in Peru:Indigenous rights and corporate interests

Laura Secor:Optimism and Angerin Tehran

PMB Comment :Obama's right response to Iran


Oliver L Campbell :PDVSA'S 2008 financial results

Vinod Dar:Why arethere so many moreenergy experts than energy billionaires?

Eric Fox :Venezuelastill a problem " for energy sector (HP, WMB, ESV)

The Economist Views Wire: Panama politics: Break with the past

Mylene Bruneau/COHA:Canada-Colombia free trade agreement could be a lose-lose deal



Tom Konrad : Wind Portfolio

Nicholas Kralev : Foreign policychanges direction

Oliver L Campbell : Should PDVSA invest in Brazil ?

COHA : Correatriumphs in Ecuador

Nat Hentoff : The Castros are Dr. King's disciples?

Julian Murdoch : Where's the Oil?


Daniel Mandel :  Human Shields

IHS Global Insight :  Sakhalin first LNG plant in Far East

IHS Global Insight :  Iraq 's  oil ministry's  vision attacked

Melani Warner:  Is America ready to quit coal?

Frank Rich: They sure showed that Obama

Irwin Greenstein: Is Repsol a bright star?




Daniel Mandel: Memo to George Mitchel

Raymond Fisman:  Venezuela's 'Shell' game

WorldNetDaily : Chavez: Bigger threat to U.S. than Osama?

David Lee Smith :  Is Iraq about to have an oil surge?

Maye Primera : To kill and die for Hugo Chávez

Caracas Gringo : PDVSA's perfect storm

Tammy Lynch :  Ukraine's gas deal:  What's it all about?



Tammy Lynch :  Ukraine's gas deal:  What's it all about?

Simon Romero: In Bolivia, untapped bounty meets nationalism

Caracas Gringo: Can Obama halt  oil imports from  Venezuela, ME ?

Scott Sullivan: Appoint Biden special  envoy on terrorism

James Cullen :  Standing behind a ban on torture

Paul Harper :  Petrobras: A shining light for oil service firms



IHS Global Insight : Long-term implications  of gas war on key EU economies

IHS Global Insight : Second upstream licensing round in Iraq clarified

J. Edward Tremlett : Israel: The big  question no one wants to answer

John Norris:How will the coming year  affect gas prices?

William Kristol: Why Israel fights

Gustavo Coronel: Louisiana , the original Petrostate






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