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Global Transport Scenarios 2050: A Radically Different Transport Sector

By The World Energy Council (WEC) - story

How The Bakken Fields Became Saudi Arabia

By Sthephen Moore - story

US to Export LNG: The Beginning of a New Energy Era

By  Michael J. Economides | Energy Tribune - story -

Muammar Qaddafi

He's finally dead. That's what you get,
Mr. Captain Crazy of the strange brigade.

By  The Economist | Obituary - story

Protests in Wall Street, Who's behind?

Daily News/Kevin Hagen

Occupy Wall Street protesters march on Wall Street Monday

By  Mark Egan  and  Michelle Nichols - story

Venezuelan heavy oil: China's persistence is finally paying off (III)

By Tom O'Donnell / The Global Barrel - story

“The city of Iquitos sits on an oil block”

Aerial View of Amazon and Iquitos, Peru

By Paolo Moiola / LaPress - story

New fields may propel Americas to top of oil companies' lists


By Simon Romero / NYT - story

Cristal Montanez Baylor former mis Venezuela makes a difference

Cristal Montanez Baylor with U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton at the American Pakistan Foundation's inaugural benefit, New York, 2010. Montanez Baylor is the executive director of Hashoo Foundation USA, which promote economic development in Pakistan.

By Nick S. Ragan / Houston Cronicle - story

WikiLeak's Caracas Cables:Infiltrating DEA, Golf, Halliburton's Ties to PDVSA

By Nikolas Kozloff- story


Colombia's Gold Rush

Colombians looking for gold

By Paula Lopez-Gamundi - story

Libya: An Oil Superpower?

By Stanley Reed and Chris Stephen - story

Rafael Ramírez: Venezuela's oilman control the world's biggest oil reserves


Rafael Ramírez (center), Venezuelan
minister for energy and PDVSA CEO

By Virginia Lopez / The Guardian - story

The Latin American Oil Play

Colombia's oil production

By David Fessler - story

Glimpsing a Democratic Venezuela After Chavez

Fede Yankelevich

By Enrique Krauze - story

Colombia: Rumble in the Jungle
FARC operations are on the rise as the guerrilla movement
changes strategy and returns to its insurgent roots.

Jairo Alfonso Lesmes Bulla, alias ‘Javier Calderón' cabecilla de la Comisión Internacional de las Farc, conocido como el embajador de esa organización y heredero de alias ‘Rodrigo Granda'.

By Elisabeth Dickinson story

Norway's Terrorist Defied The Stereotype of a Terrorist
Extremism knows no racial, religious, or ethnic boundaries


By Tara McKelvey story

US / NATO hijacking of the Libyan, Yemeni and Syrian uprisings

By Munir Al-Chalabi   - story

Hugo Chavez's Illness

Hugo Chavez, Venezuelan President

By John Daly / - story - previous stories

What Hugo Chavez's Illness Means for Venezuela's Future

By Francisco Toro / The New Republic - story

Peru: Is Ollanta Humala the great transformer?


By Dan Collyns / BBC- story

Zelaya Returning to Honduras

AFP/Getty/Elmer Martinez

The Honduran president, Porfirio Lobo, (left) shakes hands with ousted former leader Manuel Zelaya in Colombia over an agreement to allow the latter's return to his homeland.

By Tom Hayden / The Nation - story - previous stories

After Bin Laden's demise, are U.S. Latin American relations at bay again?

AFP/Getty/Mauricio Lima

A woman walks past a wall painted with graffiti representing
the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks and images of then-U.S.
President George W.Bush and Osama bin Laden, on Oct. 9,
2001, in Sao Paulo.

By Robert Valencia / COHA

On Thursday, May 19, President Obama took the bold step of publically proposing a solution to the current Israeli-Palestinian peace deliberations, reverting to the terms of Israel's pre-1967 borders.
- story - previous stories

Venezuela: Is Hugo Chavez an idiot?

By William J. Dobson / Washington Post

When I was in Moscow last year, I paid a visit to Boris Nemtsov, one of the leading figures of the Russian opposition. Naturally, I had come to Nemtsov to discuss Russian politics. But the conversation quickly turned to, of all things, Venezuelan economics. Nemtsov has no love for Vladimir Putin and his regime. - story - previous stories


Venezuela: To Have and Have Not
A snapshot of the Venezuelan petroleum industry in May, 2011

ISS014-E-14618/02 2007

Oil slick in Lake Maracaibo

By Gustavo Coronel / PW - story

A Major Step
The Cairo Agreement

By Adam Shatz / LRB - story

Obama's Libyan folly


Humanitarian Interventions are problematic in nature, further still those defined by poor planning rarely succeed

By Richard Falk / Al Jazeera - story


Chávez on Tour — Obama in Negative?

By Carolina Barros / Buenos Aires Herald - story - previous stories

Japan: Status Reports on the Reactors at Fukushima Nuclear Plant:Table

AFP/Laurence Saubadou

Comparison of nuclear accidents at Three Mile Island,
Chernobyl and Fukushima.

By Kathleen Chu / Bloomberg - story - previous stories

10 Craziest Hugo Chavez Moments

Hugo Chavez with Muammar Qaddafi

By Sebastian Aulich- story - previous stories

A Venezuelan Oasis of Elitism Counts Its Days

By Simon Romero/ NYT - story - previous stories

Soros Gold Bubble at $1,384
as Miners Push Buttons

By Cam Simpson / Bloomberg - story - previous stories

A final goodbye to Superpower America?

By Bernd Debusmann / Reuters - story - previous stories

World Oil Transit Chokepoints

By The U.S. Energy Information Administration - story - previous stories

Why Egypt’s Military Will Not Embrace Democracy

By Ellis Goldberg / Foreign Affairs - story - previous stories



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