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Mac Margolis /Bloomberg:
Argentina Can’t Afford to Delay Economic Reforms


Mac Margolis /Bloomberg:Venezuela's Refugees Are an Asset, Not a Problem


Mac Margolis /Bloomberg:Lula's Comeback Is Just What Brazil Didn't Need


Ricardo Haussman, Jose R. Morales-Arilla/Project Syndicate:What Should Biden Do About Venezuela?


Shannon K O'Neil/Bloomberg:Mexico Shifts Into Reverse on Electric Vehicles


Mac Margolis /Bloomberg:Venezuela's Opposition Is Running on Empty


Mary Anastasia O'Grady/WSJ: How AMLO Is Like Venezuela's Chávez


Mac Margolis:Ford's Exit Foretells Brazil's Troubles


Mac Margolis/Bloomberg: Latam's China Strategy Needs an Overhaul


Mac Margolis/Bloomberg: Latin America’s biggest corporate crime a worthy epic


Shannon K O'Neil/Bloomberg: Latam need to solve health and migration crisis, promote democracy


Mac Margolis /Bloomberg:
Venezuela's time is running out


Mac Margolis /Bloomberg: Peru Imploding Reflect a Bigger Latin American Problem


Mac Margolis /Bloomberg: Bolivia's New President, Can't Ride Latin America's ‘Pink Tide'



Shannon K O'Neil/Bloomberg: Latam need to solve health and migration crisis, promote democracy


Mac Margolis /Bloomberg:
Venezuela's time is running out



Mac Margolis /Bloomberg: Peru Imploding Reflect a Bigger Latin American Problem



Mac Margolis /Bloomberg: Bolivia's New President, Can't Ride Latin America's ‘Pink Tide'



Francisco Rodriguez /Bloomberg: Investors in highly polarized Venezuela conflict



Anna Szymanski / Breaking Views: LatAm leaders will be trapped in vicious cycle



Mac Margolis / Bloomberg: Venezuela Back to the Future



Mac Margolis / Bloomberg: Latam's Generals Know Their Place



James Stavridis / Bloomberg: America needs to refocus on its own hemisphere  



Leonid Bershidsky / Bloomberg: Evo Morales is out in Bolivia and that worries Putin



Mac Margolis / Bloomberg: Guyana's New Oil Riches Come With Big Risks Attached



Mac Margolis / Bloomberg: Chile's Protests Aren't Like Other Latin American Protests



John Authers / Bloomberg: When Pensions Fail, People Get Angry



Mac Margolis / Bloomberg: Austerity Bites for Ecuador's President



Mac Margolis / Bloomberg: Peru's President Tries to Solve a Latin American Riddle



Mac Margolis / Bloomberg: Argentina's Mess Doesn't Herald a Comeback for Latin America's Left



Eli Lake / Bloomberg: Justice in Venezuela Will Be Bittersweet



Hal Brands / Bloomberg: Trump's True Foreign Policy: Chaos



Mac Margolis / Bloomberg: Argentina's Candidates Fight for the Center


Noah Smith / Bloomberg: The Choice Isn't Between Capitalism or Socialism


Mac Margolis / Bloomberg: Latin America and Free Trade Score a Win


Liam Denning/ Bloomberg:The Big Minus at the Heart of OPEC-Plus


Bobby Ghosh / Bloomberg: Trump Doesn't Need to Attack Iran: He's Winning Already


Mac Margolis / Bloomberg: Bolivia's Evo Morales Has Outlasted His Fellow Latin Leftists


Javier Corrales / NYTimes: How Trump Is Getting in His Own Way in Venezuela



Editorial / NYTimes: Colombia's Peace Is Too Precious to Abandon


Hal Brands / Bloomberg:Trump's Foreign Policy Has Finally Run Out of Road


Eli Lake/ Bloomberg: Putin's Syrian Playbook Won't Work in Venezuela


Editorial / Bloomberg: Be Smart About Venezuela's Future


Jonathan Bernstein / Bloomberg:Why Trump Is Failing in Venezuela


Patricia Laya/ Bloomberg:
The Standoff in Venezuela, Explained


Marc Margolis / Bloomberg:Venezuela's Blackouts Go Beyond Electricity


Shannon K. O'Neil:Trump's Misguided Policies Are a Gift to Venezuela's Maduro


Tobin Harshaw: Trump's Foreign Policy Just Isn't That Bad


Therese Raphael: How Did Notre Dame Come to Be So Neglected?


Juan Guaido: Why China Should Switch Sides in Venezuela


Marc Margolis: Venezuela's Health Crisis Is the Hemisphere's Problem



Raul Gallegos: To Defeat Maduro's Regime, Treat It Like a Crime Syndicate



Mac Margolis:Colombia's President Risks Blowing Up a Fragile Peace


The Editorial Board / WSJ: Putin Pulls a Syria in Venezuela



James Stavridis / Bloomberg: Brazil Isn't Ready for Trump's Invitation to NATO



Carol Giacomo/ NYTimes: Bolsonaro Threatens ‘the Lungs of the Planet'




Marc Margolis / Bloomberg:
Trump and Bolsonaro Put Their Bromance to Its First Test



Eli Lake / Bloomberg: Why U.S. Military Intervention in Venezuela Is Now Less Likely



Mohamed A. El-Erian / Bloomberg:
What Venezuela Needs



Shannon O'Neil / Bloomberg: Lopez Obrador Is Dismantling Democracy in Mexico



Julian Lee / Bloomberg: Shale Oil Boom Leaves the World Awash in Light Sweet Crude



Mac Margolis / Bloomberg:
Venezuela Needs a Better Endgame



Hal Brands / Bloomberg:Trump Is Right on Venezuela, But It May End Badly



Liam Denning / Bloomberg: Big Oil Thinks Its Real Problem Might Be You



Leonid Bershidsky / Bloomberg: Brits and Americans No Longer Own English



Noah Smith / Bloomberg: Bolivia's Problem Is Macroeconomics, Not Socialism



Matt Levine / Bloomberg: Citgo, Boy oh boy


Eli Lake / Bloomberg: In Venezuela, Time Is Not on Maduro's Side



Shannon O'Neil / Bloomberg:Latin America's Right Turn Could Draw Its Economies Closer



Mac Margolis / Bloomberg: Venezuela Needs Solutions, Not Grandstanding



Hal Brands / Bloomberg: Doing Evil to Do Good in Latin America

Tyler Cowen / Bloomberg: Venezuela Isn't Just a Failed State. It's a Failure of the Left.


Shannon O'Neil / Bloomberg:
Mexico Is Making the Wrong Bet on Venezuela


Liam Denning/ Bloomberg:
Buffett's Canadian Oil Bet Isn't a Rallying Cry for Frackers


Julian Lee/ Bloomberg: The OPEC+ Oil Deal Is Standing on One Wobbly Leg


Liam Denning / Bloomberg: Big Oil's Big Issue With Embracing ‘Big Energy'


Alberto Scharffenorth / Washington Times
Dictatorship thwarted, democracy preserved



David Wainer / Bloomberg:
Trump gives diplomacy a chance in bid to oust Venezuela's Maduro



Marc Margolis / Bloomberg: El Salvador's New President Is Sitting on a Pot of Gold



Julian Lee / Bloomberg: Two Competing Forces Are Setting the Price of Oil




Cass R. Sunstein / Bloomberg:Trump Is Right to Warn Democrats About ‘Socialism'




Ramesh Ponnuru / Bloomberg: Forget About Trump's New Immigration Position. He Will.


Liam Denning / Bloomberg:Pemex Suffers an Old Problem in a New Oil Market



Antony Sguazzin and Brian Latham / Bloomberg: Zimbabwe's Lesson for Venezuela: It's Not Easy to Fix a Broken State



Julian Lee / Bloomberg:How Donald Trump Plays Havoc With OPEC Policy



Liam Denning / Bloomberg: Venezuela's Crisis Isn't All Bullish For Oil



Ellen R. Wald / Bloomberg: How a New Venezuela Can Avoid the Oil Curse



Julian Lee / Bloomberg:
U.S. Oil Sanctions on Venezuela Look Like Iran 2.0



Eli Lake / Bloomberg:The Exiled Court Protecting Venezuelan Democracy



Marc Margolis / Bloomberg:Venezuela Chaos Unites Latin America's New Right



Leonid Bershidsky / Bloomberg: Maduro's Fall Would Be a Defeat for Putin, Too


David Fickling / Bloomberg: Venezuela's in Crisis. The Oil Market Doesn't Care



Mark Landler / NYTimes: Bolsonaro a Populist at Davos



Daniel Moss / Bloomberg:Relax. The IMF's Forecast Isn't That Bad



Julian Lee / Bloomberg: How OPEC Is Helping U.S. Oil Reach a Tipping Point



Hal Brands/ Bloomberg:Big Winners of the Shutdown: China and Russia



Brooke Sutherland / Bloomberg: One Sale Does Not a GE Turnaround Make



Mac Margolis / Bloomberg: Brazil and Mexico Are Tired of Being Global Good Guys



Jonathan Bernstein / Bloomberg:
Trump Isn't Above the Law



Nacha Cattan / Bloomberg: AMLO a YouTube star



Liam Denning / Bloomberg: Bolton's Syria Snafu Reveals Oil's Biggest Risk



Shannon O'Neil / Bloomberg: Latin America Needs to Fix Its Education Deficit



Marc Margolis / Bloomberg: Bolsonaro Should Learn From Past, Not Just Torch It



Ernesto Araujo / Bloomberg: Bolsonaro Brazil's Foreign Policy Revolution



Mohamed A. El-Erian / Bloomberg: Has the Stock Market Established a Bottom?



/ Bloomberg: New Horizons Triumphs Again



/ Bloomberg:
A Warming World Needs Nuclear Power



Eli Lake / Bloomberg: How the U.S. Should Treat Brazil's Bolsonaro





Hal Brands
/ Bloomberg: Inside Xi Jinping's Plan to Dominate the World



Editorial / Bloomberg: There's a Better Way for Mexico to Fight Corruption



Editorial / Bloomberg: How Cargo Ships Can Go Green




Jennifer Finney B./ NYTimes:'Twas the Day After Christmas



Yaseen Eldik / NYTimes: A Muslim Christmas Story



Eli Lake / Bloomberg: Mattis puts Trump's presidency in peril



Eli Lake / Bloomberg:
Trump courts catastrophe in Syria



Noah Smith / Bloomberg: Get used to it, America: We're no longer No. 1


Andrew Polk / Bloomberg: China's gates are open again



Faye Flam / Bloomberg: Just exactly where is the final frontier?




Mark Gongloff / Bloomberg: Trump's tricky troubles




Rob Cox / Bloomberg: As Europe dithers, Iran's arsenal gets more



Rob Cox / Reuters Breakingviews: “Pere Noel” Macron won't cheer

marchers or markets



Jonathan Bernstein /Bloomberg: Impeachment is getting more likely



Liam Denning /Bloomberg: Saudi Arabia sets up a scrappy new year with Trump



Liam Denning /Bloomberg: The suspense is killing OPEC



Pankaj Mishra /Bloomberg: Macron fans the flames of illiberalism



Bobby Ghosh / Bloomberg: Qatar may be about to annoy Saudi Arabia even more



Liam Denning/Bloomberg: Qatar leaving is an ominous sign for OPEC


Julian Lee / Bloomberg: OPEC might try to kick Saudi Arabia when it's down


Mohamed A. El-Erian / Bloomberg: The Trump-Xi meeting isn't just about economics


David A. Andelman / Reuters: Here's what Trump needs to do at the G20


Shannon O'Neil / Bloomberg:Latin America's new populism isn't about the economy


John Authers/Bloomberg:Mexico's AMLO sets stocks up for tremendous rally


Mohamed A. El-Erian / Bloomberg: Oil gets caught in a perfect storm


Hussein Ibish / Bloomberg: Khashoggi killing: Saudi King is accountable, too


Liam Denning / Bloomberg: U.S. can certainly help destabilize the oil market

Hal Brands / Bloomberg: America's secret weapon against China: Democracy



Julian Lee/ Bloomberg: The oil price is now controlled by just three men



Jonathan Bernstein / Bloomberg: Trump's White House chaos is worsening



Mark Gongloff/ Bloomberg: Brexit solution: It's time for a second referendum


Liam Denning/ Bloomberg: Where America's oil majors stand as prices fall


John Kemp / Reuters: Oil prices tumble as traders look beyond Iran


Liam Denning/ Bloomberg: Trump's tweet makes OPEC cuts even more likely

Julian Lee/ Bloomberg: OPEC Is in for a shale surge shock in 2019


Tyler Cowen/ Bloomberg: The carbon tax is dead, long live the carbon tax


Barry Ritholtz / Bloomberg: 4 agenda items the new congress should embrace


Sheryl Gay Stolberg / NYTimes: One-party control appears to be over


Mark Gongloff / Bloomberg: Let Trump be Trump? America's about to decide


Julian Lee/ Bloomberg: Trump's Iran oil sanctions aren't living up to the hype


Sannon O'Neil / Bloomberg:lBolsonaro and Amlo could turbocharge a Latin American feud



James Stavridis / Bloomberg: Brazil's Bolsonaro completes a U.S. sweep of South America



John Authers / Bloomberg: Investors may yet warm to Mexico's AMLO




Anthony Faiola and Marina Lopes / WP: Who is Jair Bolsonaro, Brazil's next president?




Matt Levine / Bloomberg: Exxon is in trouble over climate change




Tyler Cowen / Bloomberg: Socialism is a threat,
says the White House. It's right.




Justin Fox / Bloomberg:
The Great U.S. oil and gas productivity boom may not last



David Fickling / Bloomberg: WorleyParsons's oil services seal is a hail mary pass




Julian Lee/ Bloomberg : Just in Time for Election Day: Gas at $3 a Gallon




Liam Denning / Bloomberg : A gulf assets sale good for Exxon


Shannon O'Neil / Bloomberg :
Trump ignores Latin America's biggest challenges




Bloomberg View: Nafta is dead. Long live Nafta


David Fickling / Bloomberg : Oil shock has already started in emerging markets




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