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Nate Graham / The Dialogue.org: The Unfinished Business of Mexico's Energy Reform



Jonathan Bernstein /Bloomberg: Impeachment is getting more likely

Liam Denning /Bloomberg: Saudi Arabia sets up a scrappy new year with Trump



David A. Andelman / Reuters: Here's what Trump needs to do at the G20


Ellen R. Wald: Trump and the Art of the Iranian Deal


Barry Ritholtz / Bloomberg: 4 agenda items the new congress should embrace


Mir-Yusif Mir-Babayev: The construction of unique pipeline in the Trans- Caucasus


Justin Fox / Bloomberg : What the Permian oil boom looks like


Editorial / Bloomberg : Brazil's depressing election

Liam Denning / Bloomberg: Nuclear power's big problem isn't that it's nuclear


Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley : Reinventing Petrotrin


Liam Denning /Bloomberg: Saudi Arabia is starting to stockpile oil again

The Editorial Board / NYTimes : Russia's spies, foiled again


Liam Denning /Bloomberg: Saudi Arabia is starting to stockpile oil again


Julian Lee / Bloomberg: Iran oil sanctions will hurt more than you think


Liam Denning /Bloomberg: Saudi Arabia is starting to stockpile oil again


Liam Denning /Bloomberg: Exxon is lucky big oil had a week to forget


Cllifford Krauss/
The New ork Times: The $20 billion question for Guyana


J. Lemire and J. Colvin/AP: President Trump kicks off NATO Summit by claiming Germany is ‘controlled' by Russia


Thomas W. O'Donnell / The Berlin Journal: Germany's Real LNG Strategy



Latin American Advisor/thedialogue.org : Is Venezuela’s entire oil sector about to collapse?


John Hall / Alfa Energy:
OPEC and NON-OPEC Bond - Market not Convinced


Rafael Ramírez/Panorama: El Petróleo y Guyana


Richard Hass/project-syndicate: The Singapore Summit's uncertain legacy


Francisco Monaldi/Forbes: Is resource nationalism making a comeback to México with López Obrador?


Paul Krugman: Coal, Cash, and Bad Faith


Liam Denning: All roads, electric or oil, lead to China


David M. Herszenhorn: EU leaders unite against Trump


Aljazeera: Venezuela's oil meltdown


Cristian Docan: Brace for bullish oil price spikes


Burggraben: Oil is going to $100 !


HFI Research: Venezuela just sealed its own fate - Oil production set to plummet


SSrocco: Mexico's oil industry continues to desintegrate: PEMEX suffers $18 billion loss


HFI Research: The oil bull thesis is just getting started



Mining.com: Chile may struggle without coal



Zero Hedge: A mortal blow to the dollar



Viktor Katona: Is Guyana ready for an oil boom?


Nick Cunningham: OPEC in nightmare scenario predicts IEA


Nick Cunningham: Oil market fears: War, default and nuclear weapons



James Stafford: Clean oil that only costs $20



Nick Cunningham: Oil prices ravaged by financial turmoil

Nick Cunningham: Can the shale boom avoid these bottlenecks?



Irina Slav: What could push oil to $100?



Nick Cunningham: The biggest oil collapse in history



Nick Cunningham: 3 million bpd could go offline in 2018



Tsvetana Paraskova: Pacific Coast, Florida oppose offshore oil drilling plan


Irina Slav: Oil and gas majors in a new era



Nick Cunningham: Could The OPEC deal collapse in 2018?



Martin Tillier: Is oil about to collapse?





Nick Cunningham: The one indicator OPEC must watch



Keith Schaefer:The oil information cartel is done



Tsvetana Paraskova: Peak Permian 3 years away?



Zerohedge:Venezuela just missing a formal declaration of default



Andreas De Vries: Will The Third Great Energy Revolution
End The Oil & Gas Industry?




Nick Cunningham: The 5 countries that could push oil prices up



Dr. Kent Moors : A new oil crisis is developing in the Middle East




Irina Slav: The “Amazon Effect” is coming to oil markets




Irina Slav: The next big offshore boom is about to happen here



Tsvetana Paraskova: U.S. solar tariff confusion creates opportunities



Tsvetana Paraskova:The $10 trillion resource North Korea can't tap



Nick Cunningham: How EIA guestimates keep oil prices subdued



Rob Nikolewski: U.S. hits Venezuela, but are tougher
sanctions coming that would raise gas prices?



Nick Cunningham: Hurricane Harvey is a disaster for OPEC



A. de Vries and Dr. S. Ghour: Theee next oil price spike may cripple the industry


Tsvetana Paraskova: A new battery to challenge Lithium-Ion



Nick Cunningham: This oil price rally has reached its limit



Nick Cunningham: Aggressive U.S. oil sanctions could bankrupt Venezuela



Tsvetana Paraskova: "Dirty, difficult, anddangerous":
Why millennials won't work in oil




Cyril Widdershoven :A production shutdown due to technical issue could change the market



Nick Cunningham: Don't hold your breath for deeper OPEC cuts




Víctor Flores García: México avanza apertura
con viento en contra




Brian Noble: Is a big move in oil prices due?




Nick Cunningham: Is there a chance for higher oil prices?



Nick Cunningham: Oil prices are set to rebound




Nick Cunningham: Above-normal hurricane
season in a decade threatens Gulf oil production



Nick Cunningham: Has Permian productivity peaked?



Haley Zaremba: Today's stunted oil prices could cause oil price shock In 2020


Jacob Urban: Big oil betting on electric vehicles


Jacob Urban: Venezuela, a wild card in OPEC deal extension


Dave Forest: Argentina the “next big thing” in shale


Tsvetana Paraskova: Supply crunch or oil glut: Investment banks can't agree


Tsvetana Paraskova:
An OPEC deal
extension isn't as simple as it sounds



Viktor Katona: When will Russia run out of oil?



Leonard Hyman and Bill Tilles: What a Westinghouse
bankruptcy could mean for U.S. utilities



Tsvetana Paraskova:
Is a second OPEC cut on the cards?


Zainab Calcuttawala: The secret wealth of the world's richest oil billionaires


Irina Slav: Cuba eager to develop offshore oil reserves


Tvetana Paraskova:The oil war is only just getting started


Peter Bohacek: Why Colombia's oil industry might never recover




Irina Slav: The top 5 places to work inU.S. oil and gas


The Economist: How Mexico should handle Mr.Trump


Nick Cunningham:Oil prices running out of reasons to rally


Nick Cunningham: Lithium prices set to jump as Tesla
doubles global battery production


Nick Cunningham: U.S. shale is now cash flow neutral


James Stafford: Not soprolific: U.S. shale faces a reality check


James Stafford: Trump could fuel a nuclear energy boom in 2017



Nick Cunningham: The OPEC deal: Here are the details



James Stafford: Why Mexico's energy reform is the opportunityfor investors


Nick Cunningham: Are the Saudis about to reveal the bestkept secret in oil?


Nick Cunningham: OPEC just knocked $20 off its oil price

Nick Cunningham: Can oil markets survive an OPEC implosion?


Zainab Calcuttawal: IEA: Mexican oil reforms to “transform” energy sector


Nick Cunningham: Oil titans differ on whether prices
will spike or remain low


Nick Cunningham: OPEC can only push oil prices so high

Peter Taberner: 2016 oil price forecasts:Why is everyone getting it wrong

Nick Cunningham: Where will oil prices go after Algiers?

Zainab Calcuttawala: What is stopping global LNG growth?

Nick Cunningham: Is Putin's support for an OPEC freeze
a game changer?


Luis Colasante: Is doomsday inevitable for Venezuela?


Tsvetana Paraskova: Saudis ramping up oil output to gainleverage in OPEC talks


Nick Cunningham:Surprise natural gas drawdown signals higher prices ahead


James Burgess:Is thisone of the best ways to play the
clean energy boom?



Dave Forest:The world'sbiggest oil discovery just
opened for foreign ownershi


Dave Forest: Is this the beginning of the end for Venezuela's oil sector ?


Irina Slav: Morgan
Stanley warns that rising rig count could undo the rally



Dave Forest:The world's biggest oil discovery just
opened for foreign ownership


Dave Forest: Is this the beginning of the end forVenezuela's oil sector?


Irina Slav: Morgan Stanley warns that rising rig count could undo the rally






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