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Petroleumworld Top Headlines
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- Output in Monagas state was 150,000 b/d, while Zulia-Trujillo registered 80,000 b/d
- Petropiar operating at 27% capacity , Petromonagas at 49% and Sinovensa at 48%

By Mery Mogollon/Platts

Petroleumworld 02 02 2021

Grupo de Energía de Bogota-GEB takes on Ecopetrol in battle for Isa


GEB líder en energía eléctrica y gas natural en Colombia, con presencia en Colombia, Perú, Brasil y Guatemala.

By Diana Delgado/Argus

Petroleumworld 02 02 2021

Petrobras makes new subsalt discovery in Campos Basin subsalt C-M-411 block


Urissane find made in C-M-411 block about 200 km offshore in waters that are 2,950 meters deep

- Block acquired at 14th bid round
- Petrobras holds 50% operating stake

By Jeff Fick/Platts

Petroleumworld 02 01 2021

Guyana warns of Venezuela intentions as Maduro regime seize fishing vessels


Two Guyanese registered fishing vessels – the Lady Nayera and the Sea Wolf – operating off Waini Point,
were intercepted by Venezuelan naval vessel Commandante Hugo Chavez GC 24 on Thursday January 21,
2021. There are reports that Venezuela's navy has seized another fishing vessel.

By Canute James/Platts

Petroleumworld 02 01 2021

Colombia and Brazil oil exports rose despite pandemic

In 2020 Ecopetrol also found new homes for its crudes, including renewed exports to South Korea
and India and exported about 411,000 b/d globally.

By Monica Rojas/Argus

Petroleumworld 01 26 2021

YPF to boost hydrocarbons investment by 73% in 2021 to rebuild output


Company is trying to reduce near-term debt payments

- Focus will be on returning to oil and gas production growth
- Available cash is key to investment

By Charles Newbery/Platts

Petroleumworld 01 29 2021

Reliance and Chevron seek to loosen U.S. sanctions against Venezuelan oil

- Chevron, Reliance meet with U.S. officials to discuss Venezuela
Topic of oil swaps that exchange crude for diesel is on agenda

By Lucia Kassai/Bloomberg

Petroleumworld 01 28 2021

Ecopetrol shares dive on a bid for stake in Interconexion Electrica -ISA

Medellin-based ISA operates electricity transmission and telecommunications lines, as well as highways,
in several Latin American countries.

- State-oil producer to issue debt, equity to fund acquisition
- Public tender offer process not necessary, Ecopetrol says

By Ezra Fieser and Oscar Medina/Bloomberg

Petroleumworld 01 28 2021

Pemex failed its 2020 oil production target as output declines further

- Pemex's 2020 oil production reached 1.61 million daily barrels
Company is under financial strain with $110.3 billion of debt

By Amy Stillman /Bloomberg

Petroleumworld 01 27 2021

- New exchange proposal would now pay interest through 2022
Offer includes pledge on some shares of YPF Energia Electrica

By Jorgelina Do Rosario and Scott Squires/Bloomberg

Petroleumworld 01 27 2021

Mexican diesel importers engage in fuel tax evasion via rail -Distributors

Jim Allen/FreightWaves

KCS's fourth quarter refined products shipments to Mexico grew by 87pc from a year earlier

By Sergio Meana/Argus

Petroleumworld 01 26 2021

Xenophobia is growing in Latam and the Caribbean againts venezuelans aliens

Schneyder Mendoza/AFP

Venezuelan migrants cross the Tachira river, the natural border between Colombia and Venezuela,
as the official border remained closed in Cucuta, Colombia, on Nov. 19, 2020.

- Pandemic increases hostility to the diaspora of 5.4 million
Attacks and insults greet venezuelans fleeing a ruined homeland

By Matthew Bristow and Jim Wyss /Bloomberg

Petroleumworld 01 26 2021

Panamanian and Iranian tankers seized by Indonesia for illegal transfer of oil

Indonesian Maritime Security Agency

The MT Frea, left, and MT Horse tankers in Pontianak waters off Borneo island, Indonesia.

By Edna Tarigan/AP

Petroleumworld 01 25 2021

Ecuador to offer concession for the legacy 67,000 b/d Sacha oil field

Map:Amanda Henley

Sacha, next to Block 18 and Palo Rojo field

By Patricia Garip /Argus

Petroleumworld 01 25 2021

AMLO upholds shift in energy reform policy, "There's not going to be a change"

Mexico defends state-led energy policy as investors look to Biden

- Industry expect the US to take a firmer line on new policy
- Projects still on hold

By Dave Graham /Reuters

Petroleumworld 01 22 2021

Venezuela bypass U.S. sanctions as China crude imports specs are altered


China oil imports doctored to skirt U.S. sanctions on Venezuela. Video: Millions of barrels of Venezuelan
heavy crude, which are embargoed by the U.S., have been surreptitiously going to China.

- With chemical additives, Hamaca crude becomes “Singma Blend”
Origins erased, rebranded cargo is sold to Chinese buyers

By Lucia Kassai/Bloomberg

Petroleumworld 01 22 2021

OPEC closely monitoring Biden sanctions on Iran and Venezuela


HE Abdelmadjid Attar, Algeria's Minister of Energy and President of the OPEC Conference.

- Sanctions relief 'the big unknown' for oil producers
- Attar says extra Saudi Arabian cut may accommodate Iranian barrels

By Illies Sahar/Platts

Petroleumworld 01 21 2021

India waiting for Biden to easy restriccions on Iranian and Venezuela crude oil

Ronaldo Schemidt/AFP

India Hopes for More Iran and Venezuela Oil Exports Under Biden

- "Some geopolitical changes are there," says India oil minister
Crude importer also unhappy with sudden Saudi production cuts

By Debjit Chakraborty and Saket Sundria/Bloomberg

Petroleumworld 01 21 2021

YPF asking creditors for short-term relief as Argentina's dollars wither  

Ronaldo Schemidt/AFP

View of a tank truck of Argentinian state-run energy company YPF.

- Shale driller stuns creditors, swap into new note
But investors are balking at the terms energy firm proposed

By Scott Squires and Jonathan Gilbert/Bloomberg

Petroleumworld 01 20 2021

US Treasury sanctions European oil for violating Venezuelan crude oil sanctions

US Treasury

Moves come on Trump's last full day in office

- Sanctions on traders, tankers and extend to those working with Mexican network
- Ban on Citgo share seizures extended until July

By Jordan Blum/Platts

Petroleumworld 01 18 2021

Swiss financial center involve in $9 billions of suspicious venezuelan funds


Extract from the account at CBH in Geneva, over which Venezuelan TV tycoon Raul Gorrin had access.
In each case, after a large incoming payment, the millions were moved on in many directions.

- Money laundering of Venezuelan billions at around 30 Swiss banks
- Questionable funds from Venezuela flowed into several hundred accounts

By Christian Brönnimann, Sylvain Besson/SonntagsZeitung

Petroleumworld 01 19 2021

Ecuador refinery project president Moreno's legacy on its reform effort

The Esmeraldas refinery project could be supported by the government's new $2.8bn framework agreement
with the US development bank DFC to refinance debt and support private sector investment.

By Patricia Garip/Argus

Petroleumworld 01 19 2021

CITGO in limbo, Crystallex wins again in bid to seize shares

Erick Gay/AP

Citgo still in limbo as judge approves sale of Venezuelan holding company's shares.

- Trump has sought to delay seizure; could soon be up to Biden
- ConocoPhillips, other PDVSA creditors could be impacted

By Jordan Blum/Platts

Petroleumworld 01 18 2021

Mexico is violating USMCA in energy, US warns

U.S.-Mexico-Canada trade is been questioned by U.S. because of violations by Mexican government.

By Sergio Meana/Argus

Petroleumworld 01 18 2021

Surinam announced a new "significant" oil and gas discovery offshore

Total, Apache make fourth oil, gas discovery off Suriname

- Block 58 adjoins Guyana prolific Stabroek Block
- Well's Neocomian-age target not tested before

By Robert Perkins/Platts

Petroleumworld 01 15 2021

Colombia to start selling ESG green bonds this year to cash in on ESG boom 

Joaquin Sarmiento/AFP

An electric taxi (C, green) drives along a street in Medellin, Colombia, on September 19, 2019.

- Peso-denominated notes will fund environmental projects
- Ministry will pursue debt buy backs, credit director says

By Ezra Fieser and Oscar Medina

Petroleumworld 01 15 2021

One 40,000 mt jet fuel cargo from NW Europe bound to Brazil in a rare move

Brazil's jet fuel demand bullish

- Brazil leads regional air travel recovery
- US exports to Brazil nearly halt in 2020

By Maha Cristina Husseini, Chris To, Emma Thomas /Platts

Petroleumworld 01 14 2021

Vessel loaded crude in Venezuela claiming to be a Palau-flagged ship


- Pacific island nation tells Venezuela ‘that oil tanker isn’t ours’
- Government of Palau sends diplomatic note to Venezuela

By Lucia Kassai/Bloomberg

Petroleumworld 01 14 2021

Slim boosts PBF refinery and pipeline investments in post-pandemic bet

Susana Gonzalez/Bloomberg

Mexican Billionaire Carlos Slim

By Benjamin Stupples and Andrea Navarro/Bloomberg

Petroleumworld 01 13 2021

Mexico's Nuevo Leon industrial hub most to loose in energy reform shift


Mexico's industrial hub Mexico's industrial hub

By Rebecca Conan/Argus Media

Petroleumworld 01 13 2021

AMLO to pust out regulators that had "allowed privatizations", energy included

Mexican president Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador (AMLO) wants to dissolve energy regulators

- "These organizations have only served as smoke screens for illicit activity .."
- Would save the government Ps20bn ($1bn)

By Rebecca Conan/Argus Media

Petroleumworld 01 12 2021

- Venezuela's Maduro vowed to "reconquer" the disputed Essequibo province
- US reaffirmed its support for Guyana's stance

By Canute James/Argus Media

Petroleumworld 01 12 2021

Brazil's 17th bid round to offer 92 offshore blocks -ANP


Seismic data results in block consolidation in Campos, Pelotas, Santos Basin Blocks

- Concession auction set for October 2021
- Public audience for auction set for Feb. 3

By Jeff Fick/Platts

Petroleumworld 01 11 2021

AMLO energy protectionism has made Mexico's climate be damned

Alfredo Estrella/AFP

Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador (AMLO)

- The country failed to boost its target of cutting emissions 22% by 2030
- Two years of environmental backsliding

By Amy Stillman and Max De Haldevang/Bloomberg

Petroleumworld 01 11 2021

Petrobras hit record of 2.3 mbpd as most peers reel from crash

Dado Galdieri/Bloomberg

Petrobras’s P-70 production and storage vessel moves through the Guanabara Bay in the outskirts of Rio.

- Brazilian giant posts production of 2.3 million barrels a day
- Most comes from pre-salt fields being ramped up for years

By Carlos Caminada/Bloomberg

Petroleumworld 01 08 2021

EU, Lima Group downgrade international recognition on Venezuela’s Guaido


EU, Lima Group sour on Venezuela’s Guaido

By Patricia Garip/Platts

Petroleumworld 01 07 202

Colombia rethinking on selling stake in Interconexion Electrica SA-ISA
Brazil Photos/LightRocket

Colombia Is Said to Review Plans to Divest Its Stake in ISA

- Government owns 51.4% of the electricity transmission company
- Administration looking for ways to narrow the fiscal deficit

By Oscar Medina and Ezra Fieser/Bloomberg

Petroleumworld 01 06 2021

Venezuela's oil industry nothing but decline 


PDVSA expected to deteriorate further, refineries operating well below capacity

- Partners abandoning PDVSA
- Attempting to lure foreign capital

By Mery Mogollon/Platts

Petroleumworld 01 05 2021

Venezuelan oil exports sink as OPEC+ increase output

- Shipments slumped by half in December to 231,613 barrels a day
- OPEC+ may raise output further on prospects of higher demand

By Lucia Kassai/Bloomberg

Petroleumworld 01 04 2021

World Rings in 2021
Valentyn Ogirenko/Reuters

A couple embrace during New Year's day celebrations in central Kyiv, Ukraine January 1, 2021.

By Reuters

Petroleumworld Jan. 01, 2021

Pope Francis: Angelus, Solemnity of Mary, The Holy Mother of God
Word Day of Peace

Vatican News

Library of the Apostolic Palace, Friday, 1st January 2021 - Video

By Pope Francis/Vatican

Petroleumworld 01 01 2021

Dear Brothers and Sisters, good afternoon and Happy New Year!

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